Tia’s Story


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Tia’s Story

TiaBefore and After GastroPlus

I purchased Tia a 16hh 3 year old Irish Sports horse in October 2012 with a hope of producing her to compete at British Eventing. Right from the start she was a very sweet and confident mare. She loved to be groomed, cuddled and generally fussed over. All through her ground work and eventual backing in the Spring of 2013 she was a dream to handle. During her initial ridden work she just took everything in her stride. Her attitude towards training was great but I felt that her body needed more time to grow as she had become very Croup high so she was turned away in June 2013.

She was initially brought back in Spring 2014 but due to me fracturing my pelvis (nothing to do with her) she eventually started working again in June 2014. She reared many times on the lunge and threw herself on the floor more than once. She also didn’t want to stand still to be brushed, rugged or tacked. We had days where she was good, hacking alone or schooling or jumping some little fences. Then there were the days she seem to want to have a good nap and rear. I initially put her change in attitude down to young horse trying its luck.

As the summer progressed she became more and more aggressive and bad tempered. She would bite if you tried to go into her stable or change her rugs. When brushing her front she would bite, when brushing her legs she would stamp and if you tried to brush her girth area or back she would kick you. You couldn’t even think about picking out her feet, if you tried to pick them up she would throw her self almost on the floor to get you to let go. She also became very agitated when be led and would often suddenly rear up or kick out. In the end riding her was very scary because she would be come completely crazy for no apparent reason. She would literally lose the plot and seem to have no sense of self preservation. She would rear until she fell over, throw herself at walls, reverse into cattle grids, suddenly kick out at a horse riding next to her, sit on a car to name a few, but there never seemed to be a trigger or a reason. Then things would happen that you’d think should set her off, a tree falling down or a massive HGV or a herd of running cows, and she would just stand look and then carry on walking.

My sweet little mare that loved cuddles and attention was no more! I knew that there was something wrong, pain free healthy horses that understand what is being asked of them don’t behave like this. It was very difficult to work out what was wrong as the behaviour seemed so random. I started talking to my vet about possible scenarios that were causing the pain. We also new that her immune system was poor she had become very itchy due to flaky skin and had mud fever that we just could not get rid of. We first tried her on a Bute trial but this did nothing to improve her behaviour. Due to an accident in the field, which caused acute Lymphangitis and continued lameness after the swelling had gone down, Tia had a bone scan. So we now knew apart from the new injury to the soft tissue of her stifle there were no problems with her neck, spine, pelvis, hocks, hooves etc. Whilst in for the bone scan she also had her ovaries checked and then we started her on a course of Regumate. This stopped her seasons but did nothing to change her behaviour.

I was very upset by this whole situation I knew there was something wrong I just couldn’t find it. I was beginning to fear the worst for Tia as she really wasn’t very safe to be around. I was desperate at this point that somebody might have a new take on her behaviour and so I was literately talking to anybody who would listen to me about her. Early one evening I was talk to very experienced lady at my yard her suggested that she may have ulcers and I should contact Equine Science. I was very sceptical about this as I with my limited knowledge of the condition thought that only horses with a great deal of stress, a high work load and large grain feeds get ulcers. However I was desperate to fix Tia so I gave Deborah a call.

I spoke to Deborah at length about Tia and she suggested I try a course of Gastro-Plus. The package came in the post and I opened, my first though was I’ve just spend hundreds of pounds on what smells and looks like curry powder! I had it now though so I though I may as well try it. I double dosed Tia for the first 2 days and then gave her it every evening in her dinner. I can not believe how quickly the Gastro-Plus helped Tia. She started it on the Tuesday and by the Sunday I was able to take her rugs off, groom her and pick out her feet while she ate a hay net. I though it was a fluke or I was dreaming. I still couldn’t quite believe and thought tomorrow she be back to being horrible again, but the good behaviour just carried on.

After her 4 week course of Gastro-Plus Tia is like a changed horse. She is back to being my sweet little mare that loves cuddles and attention. She is now on Equine Edge Stomach Function Maintenance and really enjoying life again. She hoovers up her food and has put on loads of weight.

I’m now really looking forward to spending 2015 cuddling and competing my beautiful horse. I literally can not thank you all enough!!!!!!

Best Regards,

Elizabeth Hart


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