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Testimonials & Success Stories


  • My Holsteiner x ISH has always been a little lazy to school but the first signs of things getting worse was when her faeces became very loose. Shortly after this, Bella’s behaviour in the field changed. She spent time yawning, licking and head shaking instead of eating. I put her on probiotics initially which improved her faeces but not her unusual behaviour. Her ridden work deteriorated and within 10 days of the first signs of something being wrong and I struggled to get her into a trot let alone canter.  She had worn her toes slightly on both back feet over the last 2 weeks (toe dragging) in addition to poor performance under saddle. I googled the combination of behaviours and was led to believe this may be hind gut ulcers. (The colon being towards the right side of the horse gives a reason for the off side hind being more worn with toe dragging than the left).Through a friend and equine client recommending Equine Science, I phoned Deborah who listened to my concerns and recommended Gastro plus for my mare.

    Her licking, yawning and lack of appetite disappeared in 4 days. I felt comfortable to get on board after 7 days, without causing her discomfort and within 10 days we were cantering and jumping!!

    Only 20 days into the 30 day treatment and although she occasionally shows signs of fatigue after 20 minutes schooling, my mare has never felt this good.


    Alex Riesen BSc (Hons), PGCE, Dip ESMT



  • I would just like to let you know how amazingly effective your Calming Cookies are.

    We have a highly strung (but lovely!) 16hh warmblood who becomes fairly unmanageable at events.  His dressage is lovely at home, but he switches off at competitions and refuses to listen, resulting in shockingly high scores.

    I’ve always been very dubious about calmers, but a friend gave me some Calming Cookies to try.  The results were quite amazing.  For the first time ever we were able to put studs in his feet when we arrived at a ODE.  He had travelled better and did not sweat up on the way there, and he achieved a very respectable dressage score.

    He really was a different horse, so much easier to handle and much more relaxed and calm.

    Many thanks for a great product!


    Jan Massey
  • Had two really good beneficial lessons with Jo Bates last weekend. I say beneficial as this could only have been made possible by the support of Debroah and her team.
    Firstly because my sensitive chap has been on the stomach maintenance now for almost two years which has made a huge difference to his stress levels (to say a liability in the show ring would be understated). He is now so much more rideable.
    Secondly, a few months ago I nearly lost him in an accident in the field when he got himself caught in the electric fence cable (mains electric). The power eventually put him down and he was left with quite a severe burn across the front of his hock. The wound wasn’t very encouraging and looked as if it would be left with scarring or at the very best white hair growth.
    Again Debroah came to the rescue with Nutra Wound. Gerry found it very palatable and within a week the wound was practically healing before my eyes!! The wound has completely healed and I now getting re growth of hair and am guess what……… is not WHITE!!!!
    Lastly back to my lessons. One calm cookie (Gerry thinks it a treat) and at the end of the session I was told my horse was “not a S….but was top class, outstanding” Thank you for helping me get this far, keeping my chap on the road, and for the constant support and advice

    Cheryl Bunton
  • “Just wanted to give you an update on my mare after a course of Gastroplus and Gastroplus Extend. She is now on the Stomach Maintenance with extra calmer and I’m so pleased we found your products. What a difference! Before using your products my daughter was too scared to ride her. ????Thank you!”




    Jo Laughton
  • we’ll we’re over the moon we brushed breeze today she has just completed the Gastroplus. We couldn’t touch her before starting it never mind using a rake. As you can see in pics she’s actually falling asleep !!

    " Lisa Scott
  • Absolutely thrilled with the results of gastro plus after just two weeks. We have gone from bucking and rearing to just a bit of tail swishing and an occasional nap. Eating much better and generally more settled . Coat in much better condition too.  



    Leanda Thomas
  • I have used Equine Science products now for a couple of years. All I can say is they work. A lot of products on the market from vets or from off the shelf treat a symptom not a cause. Whether it is the science behind the products or the way they get to treat the root of a problem in my experience they do seem to produce miracle results. I initially used GastroPlus after the use of veterinary prescribed drugs only produced a short term solution. Like numerous others I was amazed to find that this product worked. i have since used NutraWound on a sacroiliac ligament strain, that healed completely within 3 months despite veterinary advice that it could take a year! And just recently PulmonEZ for a dry persistant cough that just wont go away despite complete turn out. After only three days of using this product I have yet to hear the horse cough, at all, despite being stood in for part of the time! It is these remarkable results which have spurred me to write this. These products are literally transforming and I now make Equine Science my first port of call when I suspect a problem. Deborah treats every horse as if it was hers providing a knowledgeable and incredibly fast service. Thank you Deborah and Equine Science.

    Caroline Mawdsley
  • I wanted to share these with you. Your cookies really are fantastic, without them my gorgeous girl would be still up for sale, due to the accident you can see from the photos I never believed I would get back on her as she’s always on edge and spooky, and my legs now aren’t the same. The photo of me riding her was today, for the last few months I’ve had a young lady ride her and when it came to puddles she would spin, today we walked along a stream, passed a train, a man using chain saw and another guy using a jet washing, she was a dream. I’ve recommended your cookies in my fb to several of my friends, I hope you continue making fantastic products. Thankyou from me and connie ????”




    Kirsty McPherson
  • This is a picture of my horse looking very bloated and showing signs of being rather uncomfortable. I rang Deborah who advised me to put my horse on GastroPlus® & Inflammation Support™ and after 5 days you can see the difference in the reduced bloating and I can he was much more comfortable.
    I’ll keep you posted but he appears much more comfortable now. Thank you EquineScience


    Nicola R
  • Mel & Pauline’s long Journey


    My horse Mel never really showed any common signs of ulcers and she was always a pleasure to handle and ride. The first and only sign was when she did a rodeo display on two separate occasions in her stable after her saddle had been put on (both episodes were weeks apart). She seemed sore between her front legs, so I got the physio out. Mel nearly killed him and that was when we realised something was very wrong (she’d seen the same physio twice previously and he always described her as his favourite TB).

    Mel was scoped and diagnosed with Grade 2 & 3 ulcers in October 2015 and put on a course of GastroGuard. All was going well until she was weaned off of it and then they came back again. The vet prescribed another course of GastroGuard, to which the same thing happened again. We were now well into the winter months and she was being scoped approx. every 4 weeks. This started to take its toll on her weight and my vet advised to give Equine Science GastroPlus a go.
    I contacted Equine Science in February 16 (after another scoping – see picture). They were extremely helpful and we started Mel on the recommended dose of GastroPlus. She started to eat more in her stable and seemed quite content. We had made as many dietary changes as we could back in October, so there was nothing else we could do for her in terms of feeding high fibre etc. I carried on with the GastroPlus for a month and then changed onto the Stomach Function Maintenance with Extra Calmer (we choose the Extra Calmer option as although she doesn’t come across as a stressed horse she can be quite a worrier inside, goes very quiet and stops eating).

    Mel seemed pretty settled on the Stomach Function Maintenance but we decided long term that moving yards would also benefit her, so in May 16 we moved to a new yard. I gave her a double dose for a few days before and then for 2 weeks after we moved. To me this would be a stressful period for her so we gave her many weeks out at grass at the new yard and was then re-scoped July 16. The ulcers had not got worse but were still slightly apparent, so she spent all summer at grass 24/7 and in light work. We scoped again in October 16 to check the status before she came in overnight for the winter and they had improved in a few more places). We scoped again in January 17 and although I was expecting the worst (after being stabled overnight), much to my surprise there was a big improvement (see pictures).

    I’m totally amazed by how they have repaired themselves by having a more natural diet and support from the Stomach Function Maintenance Supplement. It has been a very long process and I do believe that perseverance is the key.

    We now look forward to getting back to competing in the summer and hopefully we can pick up where we left off and do our 1st affiliated Novice dressage test.




    Pauline & Mel
  • About 8 weeks ago I decided to treat my horse for gastric ulcers. I looked at what was available on the market and decided to speak to the people at equine science,after a very helpful conversation gastro plus it was. Almost instantly his attitude changed he became calm and easier to handle and ride. We then took him training and decided to give him a calming cookie which also worked and we were all delighted with the improvements in his attitude and jump. He is now on the gastro maintenance and joint supplement and a calming cookie before competition.
    So impressed with these products I am now going to treat another horse.

  • “We have been using the calmer maintenance powder for our horse has she had compact colic just over a year ago. This was been used by the previous owner and we have kept Jazz on this. It works great as she stays calm which helps with her gut and fingers crossed this is helping her in the long term to reduce the chance of colic.
    My daughter did a sponsored ride as well a an endurance course and now 3 charity shows and she remains calm as we add the powder in her morning feed when we know we are going out an about. (See below for the time she was a bit out of sorts)
    The real test – I bought 5 cookies with calmer in them. The other day my daughter changed the feed slightly for Jazz and she went very fizzy and would not settle as much. The following day we where at a show so I took the cookies with us. We gave her half after we got there before her first show and then a full cookie later in the day. (don’t think she’s keen on the texture or taste when we first gave her the half so the next time when we gave her the full one we did this in bits with a few teats and she took this okay) By the end of the day she was back to her calm self and came reserve winner in the championship for in hand”

    Nicola Harper
  • “My mare Coco had grade 4 squamous and glandular ulcers – she scoped clear after being treated with both Gastrogard and sucralfate, within a few days of stopping treatment she had started napping and was grumpy to tack up.I was recommended GastroPlus® and have been amazed! She is like a different horse, no longer plants herself and is so much better to tack up. Last night I put a rug on her for the first time in ages and she didn’t try to bite me!!! I can honestly say it is a wonderful product and I now have a lovely horse that I can ride!!!! Thank you Equine Science.”


    Claire Billard
  • Bert (14yo 17h 1″ thoroughbred x ISH ex. event horse) was a little too fit for the start of the hunting season, he was rushing gateways and charging after any horse that galloped away from him and at times not ‘listening’ to aides. I didn’t like this as I felt I was having to hold him by the bit too much, something I hate doing and he obviously doesn’t enjoy.
    I have used Calming Cookies for the last three meets and found him more controllable and listening much more, this has allowed me to interfere much less and we are both happier about that.
    So, it looks like the cookies have had the desired affect. My wife is now trying them with her excitable hunter and early results look encouraging….

    Tim Case
  • I purchased “Twiggy” in March and she is an ex race horse. From the off she has always been edgy girth up and quite streesful to mount from the ground but we perservered until we started to compete.. and with the additional competitive stress this caused it became very difficult and potentially dangerous.
    i decided to try the gastro plus as I had heard it worked wonders, for the first 16 days I didnt notice much improvement but in the past week she is happy to be groomed under her tummy (no funny faces) less edgy when girthed up, is standing more quietly to mount, she is also quieter to be around and seems to be less tense.
    As it has taken a while to notice a difference we are putting her on the gastro extend for a month to reinforce the gastro plus prior to putting her on the maintenance.
    I will send another update towards the end of the gastro extend.
    Thanks to all the team for listening and I will send another update in 3-4 weeks time



    Lisa Wootton
  • Just started GastroPlus seeing good results already!

    Samantha Jane Ashford Hollick
  • Gastro plus worked really well on my horse. He’s a different horse! Now he’s on the Gastro maintenance & he has stayed happy & much calmer.

    Debbie Hornby
  • Just started using Gastroplus on my stressy mare and it’s brill

    Paula Drury
  • Gastro plus really helped my ex racehorse recover from grade 4 ulcers

    Sophie Bennett
  • Calming Cookies were our saviour when we started showing our ex racehorse in RoR classes. He was wild the first time and when we get asked people what calmers they used Calming Cookies was the unanimous answer!! Have been recommending them ever since!

    Alison Jenden
  • My spooky boy loved the cookies ???? absolutely deloghted to have found Gastroplus for my mare, she is a million times better then i ever imagined she could be and now i’m testing it on my boy

    Chloé Horobin
  • “don’t believe many supplements do much more than cost people money but gastroplus really works. It’s significantly cheaper than gastroguard. It made a noticeable difference to horses that I have fed it to.”

    Ben Furnival
  • I felt compelled to write this testimonial after the 3 years’ of first class results my horses and myself as a consequences have received from using Equinescience products.

    Debbie Gibson and Zoe Wood have been outstanding in the care, support and unrivalled experience they have brought with them in delivering everything their equine and human customer needs.

    I began as a single horse owner taking part in general competition. I now run a private competition/livery yard of 30 horses and have a small breeding programme at home.   Equinescience have looked after all of my horses’ needs from day one. They have seen them through from grass roots to International competition.

    What I find refreshing in this day and age is the attention to detail and true diligent customer service that Equinescience provide

    Equinescience has a wealth of knowledge. They are always approachable and incredibly helpful when it comes to a practical and economic way to proceed with treatment needed to keep horses in tip top condition. Equinescience never compromise on quality. The welfare of the horse is paramount.

    I would never hesitate to recommend the services Equinescience provide. The whole of their team are true professionals.  Nothing is too much trouble and they will give real peace of mind to any horse owner.

    GW Equine Limited

    Gayle White BHSI
  • 14329391_10210041134732192_621743230_o

    “Hi I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the results of the calming cookies. I first started using them for my young horse as he is very nervous of other horses in the warm up at shows, we took him to this 2nd show last week and the improvement was huge, he was so relaxed, very rideable and took no notice of the other horses at all! He still had energy but wasn’t reacting in the excitable way like before. I then used them this weekend for my older Prix st Georges horse for the petplan championships at Wellington And he was lovely to ride, not spooky at all and his concentration was great and he gave me the best feeling in a psg test we have had so far!
    I have also recommended your product to many of my clients and they have seen great results! Thank you so much Lauren x”




    Lauren Darby
  • “Excellent product Harlequin Dunraven ridden by Keith Doyle . Winner of Bicton Grand Prix. Aug 16 . And many more results on the county showjumping circuit and now jumping Area international trials at 1 meter 50 .. Muscle mass keeps his power on top form ..”




    Darren Hegarty
  • GastroPlus and Gastric Support. Has been great for my ulcer prone mare. Highly recommended.”

    Jane Boyd
  • “Gastroplus was our last hope with our horse & I can quite honestly say it saved his life!”

    Kay Robbins
  • “Ashes loves the calming cookies thinks they are treats and stamps her foot for more!! I like the effect they have on her thank you”

    Karen Harding
  • Calming cookies are our favourite! Used every time for one of our event horses, and definitely helps him focus on his jockey rather than his own agenda!

    Deborah Leabeater
  • Gastroplus is amazing, I’ve heard so many stories from friends with horses.
    It’s great everyone should know about it and buy it, after all we all look after ourselves to feel good.
    If the horse could speak he would be asking for it on a re-peat prescription:)

    Ann Hines
  • 14206223_10155130857128098_7900831815211939200_o


    Anyone thinking of trying the Gastroplus I cannot recommend enough, our test this weekend he scored 69.78% but it was the fact that we didn’t get a single needs to be more forward from the leg comment that has made my day, he is so much happier in his work and I tried EVERYTHING!!! Before Gastroplus. ????????

    Claire Bolton
  • A quick update on Harry boy. Thought you might like to see a picture of him on his way to 7th place at the Hickstead summer regionals last week, looking and feeling amazing on his muscle mass and stomach maintenance formula.
    I passed my trailer test last week so hopefully we’ll be able to get out and about a bit more now and help spread the word about your fantastic products!






  • mms_img-4229002971


    Thank you to our client Cheryl, for sharing this lovely picture of her horse “Bally Blarney” being ridden by Richard Telford at the Ayre County Show a few weeks ago.
    Not only did they win the Middle Weight Hunter class, they then went on to win the Ridden Hunter class and then Overall Hunter Champion!!
    Fantastic achievement. Loving GastroPlus®, Stomach Function Maintenance™, Calming Cookies™

    Cheryl Bunton
  • A great new testimonial “Thought I would give you an update on my experience of using the Calming Cookies™ last Sunday on our 35k Endurance Ride.
    Here’s my picture of Austin concentrating on the photographer at the end of the track. I can say that he definitely rode differently!
    We ride on our own and normally Austin would be looking at every different thing and spooking side-ways, dropping his back and trying to run out from below the saddle. But on this ride, he felt more at ease, no silly spooking at all, he was concentrating and moving much more forward than usual. We even went on to take the Best Condition award!
    Thanks Derek”



  • Meet Twiglet a 16.2hh ex flat racehorse (Apron).

    “Early in 2014 Twiglet was well, but had begun to have issues with anyone touching her ears and she was prone to lose weight quite quickly if she got cold or other issue or stress – the latter we put down to the fact she is a lightweight TB, but it was never a real concern. We had both the vet and dentist check her ears and teeth to see if there were any obvious reasons why the ears were becoming sensitive. She has always been a kind, willing and generous mare and enjoying her work so we were not overly concerned and continued as normal.


    Twiglet looking sorry for herself

    In 2015 we moved yards where she sustained a small injury where the gate latch went into her side so was off work for a number of weeks during which time she began to kick out (having first ‘killed’ her reflection in the stable mirror). Moving to a slightly larger stable helped for a while, but the kicking started again so we had the dentist and back specialist to check her over, but nothing changed. The summer was fairly stressful for her, but being out 24/7 helped. However, towards the end of 2015, when stabled again, she started to kick when asked to canter (quite determined handstands!), so we stopped riding in the school only hacking out where she seemed relatively comfortable, but she soon began to resent the left leg being placed on her side (no problem touching her in the stable, only when ridden). She also started kicking in her stable again.


    A casual conversation with someone suggested the possibility of ulcers – I did feel a bit of an idiot not thinking of this, with racehorses being known for these, but it had not occurred to me or other professionals. We treated immediately with GastroPlus® and changed her feed from conditioning cubes to Simple Systems grass nuts and Thunderbrook chaff.


    Almost overnight, Twiglet was happier, kicking almost stopped and her skin was less tight. She was on the GastroPlus® for the month and moved onto the Stomach Function Maintenance™.


    Happy again in her work with dogs keeping guard

    Due to needing a new saddle, she has mainly been worked on the long-rein but has been worked under saddle in walk, trot & canter without any kicking or discomfort! She also seems much happier overall, she is now very affectionate, and even calls for her food which we hadn’t heard for a long time!


    Equine Science® was certainly a good find and proved to be a good result for Twiglet, and us!”  Caroline Ireland

  • “I just wanted to share with you some feedback on your gut maintenance product. This is harry who was diagnosed with pretty bad stomach ulcers relatively recently. These ulcers were cleared up but Harry had a dull coat and was difficult to keep weight on despite large amounts of hard feed. He was very grumpy particularly when tacking up and having girth tightened. He was not forward in his attitude and could be challenging to handle. Since being on your gut maintenance product he has gained huge amounts of weight, so much so I have had to buy bigger girth for him, but what is also excellent is the condition of his coat. He now gleams and is the picture of health. He is less grumpy and so relaxed in his handling. I could not be happier. THANK YOU”


    Claire Blakey
  • [ezcol_1half]WP_20160508_18_27_59_Pro 2[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]tia[/ezcol_1half_end] “Went for a lovely pub hack with Tia at the weekend, I love your products 🙂

    Liz Hart
  • This is my before & after pic of my mare who has been on your gastro guard. Although not having been scoped for ulcers Diva was showing all of the classic symptoms as well as having lost weight & condition over the past few months despite the fact she was on a build up diet. Within days of starting Gastro guard the change in her was easy to see, brighter, happier and moving more freely, not to mention the weight gain and improvement in overall condition. I would not hesitate in recommending this product”



    Victoria Partleton
  • I have had exceptional results from gastro plus and now the stomach maintenance formula, for my mare who had severe ulcers. We are now back out competing Medium level dressage and hoping to do our Adv-Medium debut shortly! I would highly recommend EquineSciene to all – I have received fantastic support and advice both pre and post-sales. Thanks very much!

    Tanya Knight
  • I have just brought Ollie in from the field after two weeks treatment on Gastro Plus. I cannot believe the difference in my pony in such a short time.
    Looking back I think his ulcers perhaps started when he was sent away to be broken. After arriving with me in Sept 2013 as a just back four year old from my sister (who bought him as a foal) his behaviour on and off the ground has been getting seriously bad. I just put it down to “that’s just Ollie” and carried on.
    Despite obviously being in pain – winter always worse when stabled he did begin his dressage career. The first year he was fairly consistent though always had an issue with canter and often through in a buck in his tests. Despite this he gained Petplan Prelim qualification but always disappointed me as the autumn turned into winter. I always put his `increasingly dangerous behaviour down to high spirits and put him on yet more calmer.
    Then in Dec 14 he had major colic attack out of the blue and resulted in a midnight operation, He recovered well and after three months off again returned back to work slowly. I then resorted to wearing a Point two jacket and laughed about his behaviour which again got progressively worse as the work load increased and turned out reduced. BD dressage again was sometimes good sometimes bad – Ollie became known as Mr Unpredictable but I carried on and again despite obvious pain gained Petplan and regional qualification at Prelim and around 8 Novice points. But as winter drew in and fields closed his behaviour again turned dangerous. More calmer tried.
    Then leading up the regional championships his bucking got so bad I had to strap him down with all sorts of contraptions and schooling aids and again through this regional test we had rodeo action in canter and rearing. Someone would have questioned how did he get his qualifying scores!!!!!! So disappointed again I turned him away again for six weeks. Dreading getting on him again in spring.
    That was when a conversation with my mum brought ulcers to the table. Searching the internet for advise I found a chap in the US that showed you were to touch your horse to ascertain the likelihood of ulcers. Ollie has always hated being groomed, shod, and generally touched and loved. He has always been a ‘angry’ horse with his ears back. He hated been tacked up and kicked you when you girthed him. He has bitten me, kicked me and but always whinny at be in the morning strangely.
    To cut a very long story short – I researched ulcer treatment, the pros and cons of scoping and to be honest in my heart of hearts knew something had to change. Having had colic I was not sure if I was covered by insurance so decided to give GastroPlus® from Equine Science. I picked up the phone and spoke to Debbie in the office and ran through Ollie’s history. We both agreed to give him a months trial of the supplement and see how he reacted.
    Well two weeks in and I can honestly say that he has had a compete personality change – he is 99% non-reactive to the touch and loves being touched, he is so affectionate and is not angry anymore. I rode him today for the first time in six weeks, only in walk and trot and he was so laid back and his ears were forward. I have decided to take it slowly again and try and re-educate him to pain free work but so far so good.
    The results are amazing and speak for themselves. Yes there will be some people who will say because I did not scope him how can you be sure he had ulcers, but I have several people at my yard who categorised Ollie as dangerous and can now see a step change in him. I now look forward to working with Debbie at Equine Science and keeping Ollie on a pain free path and reach his true potential. I will of course update you on his progress as I know it is early days but I cannot thank you enough at this point and it is not often I feel I have to put pen to paper but if anyone is unsure as to what to try for ulcers I would 100% recommend GastroPlus®. It’s AMAZING !!!!!!!”

  • “This is our handsome boy Caleb who was diagnosed with ulcers last year after vetinary treatment he was a little better but once stopped he got worse again we have now had him on gastro plus for a nearly a month and he is so much better and relaxed in his schooling with more energy and extention, now looking forward to competing at dressage this year I highly recommend gastro plus for your horse for treatment of stomach and hind gut ulcers, I can’t thank Deborah and her team enough for the advice and support they have given us, thank you xxx”

    Trudi Gradden
  • “Ed” is an 18 year old TB, who had been previously scoped with grade 4 ulcers and treated with GastroGuard. However once off the GastroGuard, Ed started to lose condition in his coat, became girthy again and lost his appetite.

    He started on the GastroPlus a few weeks ago and has already put weight as his appetite has increased and he is happier in himself and is now being brought slowly back into work.”


    Sophie Bennett - After Sophie Bennett - Before


    Sophie B
  • “Exceptional results from gastro plus and stomach maintenance formula, and also the muscle mass and calming cookies. Would highly recommend to anyone and you receive fantastic support, advice and aftercare”

    Natasha Andrews
  • My go to company for ulcers. Love the service and products which are worth every penny.

    Maria Rochfort Hyde
  • A Wonderful Noodle update……”This is the most recent photo taken just a few weeks ago.
    His training is progressing by the week!
    He is so much happier….couldn’t manage without your wonderful Stomach Function Maintenance product….thank you so much!
    Apologies for no hat !!?!!
    All the best Sharon and Noodle xxx”


  • Rocci - pic 1 Aug 15


    Rocci - pic 2 Outside Stable 15


    Rocci - pic 3 In the Field 15




    Rocci - pic 5 Jan 15


    “I contacted Equine Science after my lovely dressage horse, rocky, 17yrs, had been constantly up and down with his weight, (despite eating more than all others on yard!) and was looking rather tucked up. He was still working and performing well at shows but as he is a rather stressy horse, it was hard to know why he wasn’t looking good. My vets took bloods which came back clear however vet requested we dose for tapeworm but also look at possibility of ulcers. He also had teeth, tack, physio checks as usual and his physio also felt he could have ulcers.

    After worming, we started a month course of GastroPlus™. He quickly started to look less tucked up and regain condition. He has since been on the stomach function maintenance and is very well and feels superb to work.

    I am grateful to Zoe, Debbie and Lucy for their help. So glad I have a happy, healthy, cheeky horse again.”

    Pic 1. One by trailer is looking tucked up after competing.
    Pic 2. After 2 days on GastroPlus™ his stomach looked less tucked up.
    Pic 3. Keeping summer condition on the Stomach Maintenance
    Pic 4. Still keeping his condition changing to winter coat, a time of year he normally struggles with.
    Pic 5. Jan-16 Still looking amazing on the Stomach Function Maintenance.

  • “This is Shadow or Go Win Girl, she’s a now 9yo exracer. Iv owned for 2 1/2years and we started eventing last season at 80/90 level. I never expected to be able to do this as the year before we were having huge problems with ulcers! She wouldn’t even walk properly round the school because she was so uncomfortable. I was having to wash her down daily as her poos where so loose! Thanks to your 2 products and very careful management we can now go out eventing knowing she’s not in pain! She stresses a bit when we travel home, so after events and stressful situations she gets a dose of the Gastro plus. And so far so good!! Ready for 2016 ? Thank you!!?” Natalie Alexander



  • 156_BHS_Keysoe_2013_DSC_0445

    Cadenza Talisman (Tally) is a 14.2hh homebred New Forest x arab gelding who is 15 years old this year. He has done most things, including Pony Club with the kids, but he is primarily my husband Jim’s endurance horse. Tally was the first horse Jim really tried to compete at any level in endurance and so he ended up getting a lot of miles on his legs at the novice levels as we all tried to learn about the discipline before we progressed further. However, he upgraded to Open level competition in 2010 and initially did very well in rides up to 64km. Unfortunately, he began to have problems in 2012 with intermittent lameness (for which there was often no clear reason) and was becoming increasingly “grumpy”. Now Tally has always been one of those horses that likes people very much on his own terms and has always been twitchy for grooming etc. so we didn’t at first think very much about this gradual change. We had the vet to him more times than I care to think of over 2-3 years and the chiropractor and saddler visited regularly as he became more and more unhappy about being saddled. By the start of 2015 we had pretty much decided to semi retire him and just concentrate on non-competitive rides – perhaps the miles he had clocked up as a novice had caused minor issues which couldn’t be pin-pointed but niggled after a long ride? We really had no idea but wanted to keep a relatively happy and sound horse. Frustrating when he had so much ability but more important to keep him well.

    Then looking round the net one day I found some information about gastric ulcers. I should point out that our horses are all fed solely fibre feeds and live out 24/7 so it wasn’t something I’d considered a high risk. However, a lot of the symptoms sounded very familiar. On a “nothing much to lose” basis I ordered the gastroplus initial treatment – bit of an act of faith given the price and Tally really hated the stuff so it was not easy getting it down him. We did persist though and began to notice some positive changes – he was still grumpy (some of that is just who he is I’m sure) but he seemed less bothered by grooming and stopped reacting as much when saddled and girthed. He also stopped having quite so much of what I had always considered “grass poo” – slightly loose stools – and we were able to take him off a calming supplement for the first time in years. Following up the initial course with the maintenance dose was much easier – Tally doesn’t object to the taste of that thankfully – and after talking to the nutritionist I decided to add a joint support supplement to it which actually works out quite a bit cheaper than trying to get a separate supplement for this purpose.

    Tally has continued to improve and in August we took a risk and offered him as a last minute substitute for the Interregional Championships where he successfully completed 64km with my daughter Rebecca on board – helping the team to the bronze medal position. This gave us confidence to try an 80km ride once again in order for Jim and Tally to upgrade to advanced status. We were extremely nervous but Tally was looking as good as he has ever been. In September, Jim and Tally flew round the 82km course at the Lion’s Tail ride in Melton Mowbray at an average speed of 12.84kmph; passing the vet 3 times with A’s for action and good recovery rates in order to gain a grade 1 and win the class. We are all absolutely delighted (not to mention a teeny bit smug) to have achieved this long term goal with a healthy, happy and sound horse.

    As I said on the phone we have made some minor changes to things over the last few years, trying to resolve Tally’s issues, and some of these may have helped. However, the positive changes we have seen since trying the gastroplus are significant and although I’m a little bemused by it I can only assume that having a sore tummy was also contributing to his soundness issues as these seem to have entirely disappeared as well. (Mind you I’m not planning to take out the joint support from his daily dose either.) Certainly, at the start of the year we had no expectation that Tally would be able to achieve what he has done. We are just very pleased to have our talented lad back to his old self and able to once again enjoy running very fast for miles and miles and miles….

    All the best

  • 12032997_10154238555550898_2962841283092047085_n


    “Another fab day with Valentino’s King having his 3rd win this season at BE100 Littleton Manor supported by “Joint plus with soft tissue support” and “stomach function Maintenance Many thanks to the Team at Equinescience!”

    Henrietta Jones

  • “I must say what a difference gastro plus has made to my horse” Kathy White

  • Gastroplus is amazing!!!!! Worked on my horse with glandular ulcers xxx

    Ruth Prest

  • “Bannockburn boy would never have achieved second at the RoR finals without his stomach maintenance” Caroline Hytch




  • image1

    Since receiving the Gastroplus (that Joey went straight onto straight after
    finishing his veterinary prescribed medication) we have moved yards and he
    has had rather a lot of change, including going to training events etc. NB
    – he never had any of his original symptoms when I first put him on the
    Gastroplus but I was concerned that once he stopped taking the veterinary
    prescribed tablets that he would revert back to his old symptoms and become
    unrideable again.

    I am happy to report that (touch wood) we have finished the Gastroplus and
    Joey is now on the stomach maintenance with no reported issues!!!
    Kind Regards,

    Laura Mitchell (and Joey)

  • [ezcol_1half]Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 08.19.24[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 08.18.11[/ezcol_1half_end]


    “Hi Debbie and the Team
    Just wanted to write a quick email to say thank you for your calming cookies and let you know that I survived Netplan Area Festivals on the two black witches. Capitol Lady (Lady) and Blank Space (Joli) are know for being opinionated and difficult, mainly due to tension and worries that they have. Both mare are on the cookies when they go competing and I have seen a dramatic difference in their performance, but also in the way that I can handle the two of them. i am no longer being dragged and pulled around car parks and instead have two very rational mares. Their scores have gone from just 60% to the high end 60’s and gaining regional and Netplan qualification.

    At bury Farm Petplan I actually managed to get both mares round without an issue. There was still a little bit of tension, but the setting and atmosphere was the cause of that a. With banners, flags and podiums I thought i would never get Lady round and we would be sat in the middle of the arena (or god forbid the arena next door) refusing to go. Lady went round and didn’t blink an eye. Jodi was good, she heard the loudspeakers and went back to her racing days, but she kept it together. Thank you so much once again, i cannot recommend the product highly enough”




  • 11049556_804171223031746_9026102647044234866_n


    “This product has transformed mt ex racer he no longer drops weight when travelling doesn’t bolt and gets off the wagon calmly at new venues I can’t thank Deborah enough as I was at the point of giving up and retiring him he’s just qualified for Aintree which would not have even been on the radar prior to taking Gastro plus !!:

    Janine Midgley


  • 10388577_10154138999720898_204106895204885767_n

    “Valentino’s King winning BE100 at Firle Place yesterday. Just one of our horses supported by Equine Science “Joint Plus”
    Brilliant products that have really enhanced our competition horses performance from “Gastro Plus” to Pulmon-EZ.
    Training sessions have been improved with “calming cookies” that have helped improve focus.
    Big thanks for the individual advice offered and excellent follow up service.” Henrietta Jones




    GastroPlus – was used on two horses and within a day or so they noticed a difference, much more relaxed and generally happier!
    Pulmon EZ – Head shaking stopped and the noises that he was making!
    Calming Cookies – Youngsters so chilled and content!
    Nitroxide & Nutrawound- Horse with Navicular is much more comfortable within days!




    “3 months on after confirming his stomach ulcers, thanks to you lovely ladies and a brilliant supplement I have a completely different horse,his behaviour, manners,temprament, everything about him has changed for the better ? chance is coming on leaps and bounds couldn’t be happier x” Stephanie Tait

  • “Can’t recomended this enough! The difference in my show horse is amazing, I have a horse I can enjoy now.” Vicky Renson

  • Gastro Maintenance with extra calmer stocks replenished – super fast service from Deborah as usual. Thanks. smile emoticon I double dosed this morning as instructed before our lesson……Wow very nice – we saw lots of improvements especially in his focus and attitude. I can not reccomend all the gut and calming products highly enough”  Tracy Head

  • “So impressed with the gastroplus nearly gave up as horse kept bucking me off in discomfort never knew it was his stomach thought was naughtiness or he was cold backed as we were told that he was closed backed now the colded backness has gone and now he is nearly on full work so happy !! Thanks to Equinescience”

    Fran Mulliss-Mangan

  • “Calming cookies worked wonders on our highly strung mounted games pony. Now he is an absolute dream. Highly recommend them” Anita Roberts

  • “I’ve put Tenor on his gastroplus and two days in he is definitely feeling better! He was back to giggling in the morning and talking to me and visibly enjoying his feed.. It’s so nice to see him feeling better so soon after having a discussion with the vet about euthanising him as he was too sick to travel only last week. I have a before photo and I’ll take one after 10 days to show you but it’s looking good so far!
    Thank you so much for your support and advice,. He deserves the best with the awful life he’s had and means the world to me……….Hi, just thought I’d give you a 10 day update.. He is doing great and you’d never know how sick he had been! I’m not sure if the photo shows how much ‘tucked up’ tummy has improved but it really has.” Natasha








  • Yesterday was a great day for the GastroPlus and quite emotional for some of our clients giving us their feedbacks. The majority had just being on the GastroPlus for 2-3 days and saw a difference! One lady was telling us that she was now able to ride her horse properly for the first time in a year and this was within a week!
    Just love to get these testimonials, each one we get is so heart warming thank you!

  • Tyra had the staples removed from her leg on Wednesday 12 days after she injured herself getting cast in her stable. We started giving her nitroxide and nutra wound 3 days after her accident. The vet was really pleased with how well she has healed. Lizzy started riding her again yesterday just in walk, 14 days after her accident. Today she did a little trot work. The swelling went down really quickly as you can see from the photos taken on day 1, day 4 and day 12 and there are NO SCARS AT ALL! Thanks for your advice and amazing equine science products. Feel free to use the photos if they are of any use to you.

    Jane and Lizzy xx

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  • Gastro Maintenance with extra calmer stocks replenished – super fast service from Deborah as usual. Thanks.  I double dosed this morning as instructed before our lesson……Wow very nice – we saw lots of improvements especially in his focus and attitude. I can not reccomend all the gut and calming products highly enough – Tracy Head

  • “Can’t believe the difference with the Calmer Cookies. In the same test, same music, same floor plan and same judge, we went from 59% last time to 67%, with her free walk changing from a 4 to an 8! Now I’m really looking forward to the rest of the season Thanks Equinescience” ‪

  • “Thanks to Equine science our boy is the happiest he has ever been with us ! No more cold backedness or head shaking for him. We can’t thank Debbie enough x” Gina Mulliss-Mangan

  • “Joey update the dressage ex racer that can now do jump cross and looks fantastic courtesy of stomach maintaince a calming cookie and balancer” Caroline Hytch








  • “Roganstown before taking GastroPlus and 6 months after taking Gastroplus, what a difference!!” Janine








  • “I compete my Thoroughbred, Bumble Be at affiliated Medium level and whilst he has a real talent at this level this can sometimes be spoilt by tension at competitions and new environments. Equine Science’s Calming Cookies were quite a find, enabling Bumble to be relaxed enough to be in just the right frame of mind to perform at his best whilst still showing his individual sparkle! I have used many calmers in the past none of which have ever really worked until that is I discovered Equine Science’s Calming Cookies – thank you! ”
    Victoria Pope and Bumble Be

    Dressage Masters 1










  • The rug Is absolutely fab! Will try get another of him in it when he’s all
    plaited up but thought this pic was quite good as he defiantly agrees it
    Magic has been progressing really well recently. We went to Sheepgate
    Premier League and he was so much more confident coming 2nd in the Advanced
    on 69% and we won the Young rider individual test on nearly 67%. Absolutely
    thrilled with him as he is still very new to the level! Really think
    GastroPlus has contributed to this continued success! Thank you!











  • This chances progress from 3 weeks of medication from the vet and nearly 2 weeks of gastro plus,it is working wonders on my boy and he is filling out rather nicely! The girls have spoke to me on the phone and been so helpful in this stressful situation smile emoticon they certainly know how to make you feel happy and contented with your horse after this using fabulous supplement!

    Stephanie TaitGastroplus

  • “Spud started off on gastro plus for the initial 4 weeks and then went on to the maintenance. What a difference this has made to my ex race horse he is less grumpy, willing to be schooled and so much better in his contact and goes forward happily!! We have recently been to our first ode and he got so many lovely comments from everyone and had a pleasing dressage score followed by a double clear???? thank you for transforming my boy. ”

    Emma Sanderson

  • Our new racehorse was struggling to finish his races, even though he had won an Irish point to point two weeks before we bought him. There was no obvious reason for his decreased performance. We decided to get him scoped after one of his races and the vet said he had had a moderate bleed indicating EPIH. He has never had any blood come out of his nostrils. Deborah recommended Pulmon Ez. We put him on it straight away following Deborahs instructions. 3 weeks later he ran in another race, he ran well and stayed on right to the finish post. It was a much better performance and hopefully if we keep improving his lung health he will run to the best of his ability. Trish Robson

  • “Rosie is going fantastically well, scoring and winning 77% at the weekend. The Muscle Mass has really built her up behind. I have been selected to ride for GB again, so will go to Roosendaal next week.” Amanda Shirtcliffe

  • ‘The frightening grey horse was awesome and happy today winning his ROR class at Floors Castle, thank you! Few more people will be calling you after seeing him today!’

  • I just wanted to give you an update on our Connemara show horse, after finding out he had grade 4 ulcers we battled for 6 months to try and treat them using unbelievable amounts of peptizole, antibiotics and supplements, eventually we got a clear scope, however we never knew why he had them and he didn’t show any ‘normal’ signs, just a bit low! But after finding your product all I can say is WOW!! After only a couple of days he noticeably changed, he has more energy, better coat, happy (even cheeky) I cant strongly endorse your product enough.
    He qualified for the Royal International at the weekend, giving the most amazing show!
    Thank you!!

    Jacqui Bentley

  • Hi Deborah hope ur well. I know u like to receive updates I did my first ever competition yesterday! We did two dressage tests and got some lovely comments and great scores! Lexi was so calm and totally unfazed I’m sure the Gastro maintenance is making a huge difference. Thank u x

  • “Since Apache has been on gastro plus he has achieved her PB for Elementary dressage, he travels so much better as before he would keep kicking the box!”

  • When Mickey was diagnosed with Glandular ulcers in November, I researched alternatives to Gastro Guard. Following long discussions with Deborah, I put Mickey on to Gastro-Plus and he became less irritable and appeared more comfortable quite quickly. Yesterday he had a follow up stomach scope and I am pleased to say that there is only small amounts of scar tissue visible now. I believe that his well being is definitely a result of the Gastro-Plus and compared to the alternatives, it didn’t break the bank!
    This week my friend tried the calming cookies on her dressage horse who can be very spooky at our local indoor arena. He was calm and focussed. Another success.
    Thank you Deborah for your help. Leslie Secker

  • 11081486_10153088281216187_4746994781901059618_n






    Thank you so much for all the advice and for a wonderful product in Gastro Plus. Alfie (an ex-racehorse) has put weight on, stopped cribbing, vastly reduced weaving, shows no reaction to being girthed/rugged/groomed, and is generally happier to handle and ride. More than happy to recommend this product – he is like a new horse and I think the photos speak for themselves thanks again.

    Lyndsey Hewitt




  • Missy - before GastroPlus




    Before Gastro Plus  &  After





    Just thought I would send you a photo of Missy, now after one month on
    GastroPlus! Compared to the first day I got her and one week’s dosing, she
    is looking really good and I’m gradually lunging her more and I’ve started
    riding her but only very gently as I know she is still weak.

    Many thanks.

  • After her 4 week course of Gastro-Plus Tia is like a changed horse. She is back to being my sweet little mare that loves cuddles and attention. She is now on Equine Edge Stomach Function Maintenance and really enjoying life again. She hoovers up her food and has put on loads of weight.

    I’m now really looking forward to spending 2015 cuddling and competing my beautiful horse. I literally can not thank you all enough!!!!!!

    Tia

  • Before GastroplusGastro BeforeAfter GastroPLus



    Plucain has never looked so good going into the winter I’m so pleased and can’t thank you enough, GastroPlus!!


  • Hi Debbi,
    Here is Georgie winning at Surrey County Show. Two years ago Barney looked underweight and poor due to gastric issues. After being on GastroPlus and Gastric maintenance he has gained condition and is a much happier horse and last season they were virtually unbeaten under side saddle. Many thanks for all your support at Equine Science and for your fabulous products.
    Have a great Christmas,


  • 10639737_10154712139095181_8971225995659243956_n“I bought Henry only 6 weeks after his last race and turned him out for a couple of months to ‘come down’.
    On bringing him back into work he dropped a lot of weight, became very withdrawn, dull in his eyes and coat, he had very wet and sloppy droppings and he was extremely picky around food. It would take him a lot of time to eat his dinner and he barely touched his haynet at night. i wormed him, had blood tests taken, his teeth rasped and played around with feed, all to no avail. I then tried a number of products in the market to help with what I suspected to be gastric ulcers and felt that although there were minor improvements I still had a very unhappy horse on my hands. Things took a turn for the worse when he started sweating and displaying colic symptoms after being worked. It was at this point I knew that he needed some serious help as things were not looking good. I was really not keen to going down the veterinary route of scoping as i didnt want to put him through anymore stress and I hadnt heard great things about conventional chemical treatments. I am also a massive believer in all things natural and this includes health treatments where ever possible. So I undertook some serious gastric and stomach ulcers research. It was at this time that I came across the equine science website.
    Having rung and had a lengthy conversation with Deborah who was simply brilliant and had all the time in the world to chat through my situation I purchased Gastro Plus. Within a week the results were amazing, I had a much much happier horse who was eating all his dinner and had gone from eating half a haynet a night to eating the whole lot. After the initial treatment we found that he was still displaying some symptoms of discomfort and after speaking with Deborah again we felt that his ulcers must be pretty severe and that he needed another course of the Gastro Plus. Since then we have never looked back. I have the happiest and most loving little horse you could wish for. He loves his work, people and food! Henry now has the maintenance dose and I absolutely swear that this product saved Henrys life. I cannot recommend Deorah and equine science highly enough. Thank you”

  • Ruth Prest & Elle 2

    “Gastroplus saved my horses life!!!!!!!! after months of gastroguard, antespin and antibiotics my poor horse was still very sick with ulcers, she had colic every night and was too ill to ride, plus became dangerous to ride, the only choice I had was to PTS. Thank you so much to the kind lady from the Horse and Hound who highly recommending gastroplus, that I decided to gave it a try, after 1 week no colic after 2 months back into work and we have never looked back!!! We have now gone 18 months ulcer free, competing and winning. I have my angel of my horse back and I cant thank you all enough for saving not only my horses life but all the heartache I went threw, I just wish people knew about this amazing stuff it would save so many horses lives and stop them suffering. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!”

    Ruth Prest, Cheshire

  • “Thought I would give you an update on Dazzle as has been a while,after
    losing my nan we decided I would stay at home and just really work on
    bringing him on and making sure his basics were in place as we didn’t want
    to keep adding to his points and push him out of Novice Restricted before
    ready.He has been going fantastically-so relaxed that I actually decided to
    have his bloods redone to check his Insulin Levels.They came back all normal
    and at there lowest levels yet which was fantastic.Decided to take him to a
    couple of Unaffiliated Novices to get out and work on his competition way of
    going without worrying about collecting points.We went out yesterday to the
    first one and he was so relaxed to plait and it all carried on through the
    warm up and competition.He won the class with just over 69% with the second
    place a good 5 marks behind.I was so pleased with how relaxed he was and
    even when 5 others warming up had a panic about something-Dazzle just
    carried on mooching round!.Hacking he is like a different horse and I was
    even able to clip him out for the first time without any sedation.
    I am so pleased with him and how relaxed he now is, the only thing I can put
    it down to is your products-the Maintenance with Calmer and Gastroplus for
    Competitions definetly works for him and the Calming Cookies have really
    done the trick with getting him to relax at Shows-didn’t use any yesterday
    and didn’t need them.
    I am happily highly recommending your products to as many people that I can
    and am going to give a couple of the Calming Cookies to a friend who has
    tried lots of other products for one of her horses that panics whilst

    Thankyou once agin for your fantastic products and help and advice and will
    let you know how his next competitions go.”

    Rachel Ruffell.

  • Our first time back out competing in 8mths after a grade 4 egus diagnosis -thanks to Gastro Plus not only was he calm, focused & on point, gaining out best marks at medium level so far- we also qualified for Area Festival to boot. I’m over the moon thanks guys it really works” Sandra Greig10689920_739660572757694_6738240290283941110_n


  • I want to thank Deborah at Equinescience for her advice and recommending we use Pulmonez. Our mare suddenly began to cough back in the middle of July. It was a very dry non-productive cough. The horse was otherwise fit and very well. At the beginning of August she was scoped by the vet. She diagnosed an environmental allergic reaction, with no signs of infection or blockages. The airways were inflamed. The horse was prescribed ventapulmin which had no effect at all. She was then prescribed inhalers which gave some improvement but the cough still persisted. In frustration I contacted Deborah. After just 4 days of giving the horse pulmonez in her feed the cough was gone. She has now been without the cough for 8 days. A result !! How impressive is that ? We had spent nearly £500 on vets consultations and prescribed medication to no avail. I would not advocate bypassing the vet for a diagnosis but maybe look at the alternative treatments on offer .Not only does pulmonez work it is cost effective too. This is the third product we have used from Equine science. They all do what they say on the tin !

  • GastroPlus™
    This hot headed horse could never change his ways… How I was wrong!!
    Noodle changed back after 4/5 days!  Absolutely amazing to watch the beast leave and the angel evolve! Today, (day 7) my trainer came to do a clinic,  Nu was happy both reins and all 3 gaits. We finished after only 10/15 mins because we were so delighted with him.  Last week he was like a rodeo on LSD!!!   Cannot thank you enough Debbie and EquineScience Can’t believe how quickly this month has passed, Noodle has just got better and softer by the day….. he is like an ambassador for your amazing product.  Today, he has offered his heart on a plate during his lesson. WOW….   Sharon Peschke

  • “Hi Deborah, I have sent you some photos of Broocklyn, these are all before puting her on gastro plus. You will see that sometimes she went nicely and others … well … lots of tail swishing, some bolting towards jumps and grumping at most people, particularly men. To calm her into work I had to sit forward a bit to get her to stretch and to prevent hollowing and keep my hands light and low. She was sensitive to the slightest weight aid and sharp to leg aids. Sylvia Loch describes me as a quiet, empathetic rider and when anyone else rides Broocklyn she chooses to walk or canter (on the spot) even though I have considered them to be a better rider than me!! After two weeks on gastro plus and not too much work she is noticeably calmer, less spooky and accepts my legs and seat less sensitively. She is still forward going which I like anyway and didn’t want her to loose her extravagant paces. I will keep you updated on her progress.-\ Your very happy Fiona x”

  • GastroPlus – Calm We are using Equine Science products and getting positive results. The GastroPlusTM is our favouite product and our horses thrive on it and we keep them on this for maintenance. One of our horseswould worry, especially going to the races. Gave him some Gastro Plus Top Dressing and he calmed down completely, making him focuse on the job and WON by 10 lengths!! I would recommend Equine Science products to anyone and Deborah is always there to help.
    Thank you Gastro Plus!

  • GastroPlus – Stomach function YoYo suffered with winter digestion problems out in his field and lay down a lot, not eating much hard feed or hay, looking very miserable. He was given the GastroPlus and after 3 measures, this is what the owner Angie had to say:- “Just thought I would let you know that after just 3 measures of herbs, Yo Yo came back to his bouncing and cheeky self eating everything in sight. I will let you know when I have finished the course – cant wait to start on his legs”.

  • GastroPlus – Worrying behaviors – October 2010 We put our horse on GastroPlusTM and within 4 days the dunking of the hay in the water trough stopped. The pacing stopped within a week. He now eats his grain instead of watching the other horses and worrying.He put weight on almost immediately! He still gets his shot of GastroPlusTM before he jumps in the trailer and before a run, but he is such a different horse that I can’t believe he’s the same horse! This is the best!

  • GastroPlus – Weaver – September 2010 “I was leasing a mare who was a weaver. I put her on GastroPlusTM and within 3 days she was no longer weaving!!!! Her coat was brighter and her eyes were brighter . Gotta Love this stuff!”

  • GastroPlus helping Stomach Function – What a change – June 2010
    “GastroPlusTM worked on Cape Greko and overnight we noticed a change! We cannot thank the man behind this most wonderful, powerful product, enough – it has given him a new lease of life and the owner is delighted to see some rewards in his bank balance!! He always knew his horse had something and persevered with him; many would have given up on him.”

  • GastroPlus for Travel Anxiety – Jason Hart, March 2010 ‘I put my ex-race horse on Gastro Plus, as we were having quite a few problems with him not settling whilst travelling in the trailer, with him getting more and more anxious as well as stressed, and within a week we noticed a big difference, he was alot more chilled out about the whole experience and even ate his hay, which he never used to do – so really pleased. I would recommend this to anyone, well worth it!’

  • GastroPlus Improved Appetite – Ian Ratcliffe Racehorse Trainer, April 2010 I have a racehorse called Tell Henry who I purchased at the sales. I had no history on him other than he was good, he had a good appetite and was eating 16lbs of oats and balancer a day plus he was given adlib hay.As I stepped up his fast work, he stopped eating, except for hay and about 5lbs of oats. He had got ulcers so we put him on Gastro Plus for about 5 weeks and he started to eat better. After 7 weeks, he was back to eating about 14lbs of corn 300ml of oil and 2lbs of carrots plus hay ablib. The Nitroxide we started after 5 weeks and it helped him increase his appetite. I hope to have him racing soon.

  • GastroPlus Fantastic results – Rupert Cox BHSII, March 2010 ”Before I discovered Equine Science and their products, my horse had a number of problems i.e. no appetite, stressy, box walking, teeth grinding, no energy – due to an uncomfortable digestive system. I then tried Gastro Plus. The difference was, and still is, truly fantastic; all of the previous symptoms have GONE. I cannot praise Equine Science and their products enough

  • I recently purchased a ex racehorse who was a worrier, fussy eater and would get lethargic in his training, since using GastroPlus he has increased weight, muscle, relaxed eating loads and to top it all on average his affiliated dressage scores have increased by 10 % so impressed better results than i could have ever anticipated!!1 thank you for this product !!!!

  • Karen – “I have a thoroughbred mare who has always been a fuzzy eater (or so I thought). She had always been touchy about putting on rugs etc and would always pick at her food. We had to put out different bowls to try and get her to eat in the winter. Her weight was always difficult to keep on and my daughter was always getting comments that her horse looked thin during the winter. On a routine vet check-up it was suspected that she could have a gastric ulcer. On scoping, it was found that their was an old ulcer scar, but no evidence of any new ulcers that could be seen. The vet recommended a month’s dose of medication. Even after this we could not see much improvement in her eating. We could not see what else we could do. She had 24/7 turnout as much as possible, add lib hay etc and supplements. I then did some research and food a product called gastro –plus. I started with the fasting method, which was time consuming, but worth it in the end. After one month on this, she ! was eating normally again. She is now on the maintenance and she now looks for her food at feeding times, if fact I now have to keep a eye on her weight as she looks a bit too well. I am now trying the Nutra-wound as she has just developed a splint and hope this works as well as the Gastro-Plus.”

  • Olwen Flint – “I put my horse on Gastro Plus after taking advice from Deborah. He was constantly crib biting and windsucking and his behavour was becomming more and more unpredictable. It really was our last chance. After just a couple of days on Gastro Plus the cribbing and wind sucking had stopped. It is amazing. This horse had had these vices for years. He now has the Gastro Plus Equine Edge . I still can’t believe how he has changed. It’s a pleasure to see that he is more relaxed and comfortable. Thanks Debbie for all your help.”

  • Sue Derby (Assistant Racing Trainer) –  My horse had high grade reading and was not aware of this as he looked so well, but his behaviour and performance changed,  so when he was scoped I couldn’t believe how bad the ulcers were! My vet, knowing that I wasn’t insured,  knew that I wanted to find an alternative, less expensive product, so I tried Gastro Plus from Equine Science. What I liked about this product was that it was totally nutritious and that the body would heal itself and also I liked the price! Well my horse responded to the Gastro Plus the very next day, he was calmer, well behaved and focused on what was asked of him. We scooped him again after the 5 wks and the ulcers had gone!!  Recommend the Gastro Plus to anyone, it’s a miracle worker.

  • Mrs Tabrett – 24 January 2012 – Hi there,  I have had my 2 year old filly on Gastro Plus for the past 3 weeks; she kept on having servere bouts of colic, I had all the tests etc done for worms etc to no avail then I found this web site and got my filly straight onto the product. Since being on Gastro Plus she is completely different.  I was rather reserved about trying but was at the end of my tether with the colic…  Gastro Plus has improved my filly so much – she is now a very happy eater, she now enjoys doing a little bit of ground work without stressing, she is more comfortable within herself and generally has improved in her health.  I am certainly glad that I put her onto this and would like to say a big thankyou to everyone for helping me and my filly.

  • Silke Ceruti July 2012 – 25-year old Triumphant Solitaire has shown all other pony club ponies once more how it is being done! We had her on Gastro Plus for 3 months, and give her now Daily Edge with her evening feed. The results are amazing as she competed in 3 jumping classes last weekend, winning 2 trophies in the intermediate jumping classes and a third in the beginners. With a field of about 20 to 30 riders in each class we feel very proud and grateful that Equine Science is keeping her so unbelievable fit!

  • Bonnie Harper – July 2012 – Gastro Plus is fantastic. My daughters mare Molly was hurting so badly, almost to the point of collapse. We called Deborah, who recommended Gastro Plus, and within a day we noticed a difference. A week later she was brand new!! Best product on the market, can’t speak highly enough about it.

  • Ann and Monty – July 2012- GastroPlus TM & Maintenance Well what can I say – It does exactly what it says on the tin! (Well bag actually) – I contacted Deborah at Equine Science after my trainer recommended I try GastroPlus. My ex-racehorse was becoming increasingly more anxious as his workload increased making it very difficult to progress with him competition wise. We started him on GastroPlus and the difference in 5 weeks was amazing; he was so much calmer in every sense of the word and was starting to get much better marks for his dressage work. Once Monty had completed his course of GastroPlus I contacted Deborah again as I was afraid that I would loose what was now a pleasure to ride! She suggested we put Monty onto Equine Edge/Gastric Maintenance with extra Tyrosine – Bingo! Monty won both his next 2 affiliated dressage classes with high percentage marks and has now moved up a level. I cannot thank Equine Science enough.

  • Pauline McCabe 16th August 2012– I bought my young warmblood 3 yrs ago and unfortunately he had a catalogue of injuries including a kick to the jaw which resulted in tooth extraction and delayed getting him started. We did start in spring and his behaviour was shocking, he was unwilling, nappy, bucking and also was getting colic out at grass. After a bad experience out hacking I decided he was too much for me to handle and I put him up for sale/loan. I contacted Deborah to try an Equine Science calmer but Deborah was convinced he had something gastric going on, so I started the Gastro Plus, Week 1 : I noticed bringing him in from the field his head was low instead of up in the air expecting something to jump out of the bushes. Week 2: I got the courage to ride him in the school, I could not believe the change, he is willing, not spooking or napping. I took him out on a short hack on his own, success!! Yesterday out a hack he was amazingly calm and when faced with the local refuse collection vehicle he stood to let it pass. I can honestly say I was a bit sceptical as I have tried most of the calmers on the market, I’ve changed feeds, moved yards, physiotherapy, regular saddle fittings, everything and without a doubt I had given up. Deborah told me I would get my horse back and she has been true to her word. Deborah, I can not thank you enough Gastro Plus is amazing, and the added bonus is to be able to call you and talk through progress. A very thankful, happy, excited horse owner.

  • Thanks to EquineScience, MuscleMass this horse won its maiden at Newmarket on 23rd August 2013.

    Trainer Ilka Gansera-Leveque

  • THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I truly thought I’d need a miracle and that’s exactly what the Calmer Bars are. My beautiful 16hh warmblood mare would get herself into such a state whenever the neighbouring horses were taken to their stables (out of sight). She’d bolt up and down the field, sliding into fencing, rearing at the fences, calling out constantly, it was heart breaking to see her so distressed not to mention the concern that she might seriously injure herself. I’ve tried numerous other forms of calmers but nothing appeared to help then I found the Equine Science website and read about their calmer bars. I ordered a sample pack and an hour before the other horses went in, she had 2 bars……. well, I can honestly say I was absolutely stunned by the complete transformation, she was calm, relaxed and after having a look for a friends, not seeing them and calling out once, she just went back to eating her hay (I almost cried with sheer joy and relief). So I ordered a bag of calmer bars knowing that from Firework Night onwards she’d be the only horse left out, as instructed by Equine Science I built up her levels of serotonin a few days before and I sat up the field until 10.30pm on 5th Nov just in case she got scared and ran a fence. The firework displays were impressive but nowhere near as impressive as my horse and the effect of the calmer bars. I truly believe they have been a life saver, not just mine but my horse’s too. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Thank you for saving Alex – Alan Pearce 16.10.13
    Alex is a 30yr old Oldenburger gelding and a much loved member of our family.  We recently returned from Germany and the old man had his first trip in a horse-box for 20 years, notching up over 1000km before joining us in Devon.  He travelled well, but lost some condition and found himself  transported from his long term home in a 50+ horse yard with all his mates to a farm with just one other strange horse.  This had a serious effect on his behaviour and he became almost un-manageable, which was a total reversal of his normal self, he has always been a perfect gentleman and totally bomb proof.  He refused to eat feed with Vet supplied calmers added and before speaking to you, we feared that we would never recover the old Alex. In fact, he became so diificult and got himself so distressed that we even discussed having him put down as a kindness if a solution couldn’t be found.However, after a few days of happily munching 2 of your calmer cookies at a time, (he really liked the taste) he began to settle down and is now back to his old loveable self,  completely lapping up being retired in the West Country.  This almost magical reversion back to the happy, gentle old friend that we knew was rapid and totally astounding.  He has now gone 2 weeks without the cookies, has finished putting on all his lost weight and has remained completely chilled out.  We cannot thank you enough for solving our problem for us and we would happily recommend your product to all.I am wanting to tell everyone of my recent experience in moving my horse Alex, again after the awful time we had with him, in moving him from Germany to the UK. We had to change yards and I contacted Deborah for her advice as I was so worried of upsetting him again. She told me to relax, give him the calmer cookies 2 days before the move and on the day. Well he walked up into the horse box, travelled beautifully and settle in with his news pals. What a relief, thank you! As I know if have these calmer cookies, it gives me such peace of mind. As moving into a showing yard, they too are interested in these calmers. I would recommend to anyone.

  • Couldn’t load my horse and when I did he was trying to get out. Gave 2 calmer bars and left it 60 mins, then went to load onto the trailer and he walked straight in and never moved througout the journey. How good is that ! Thanks to Equine Science for making a miracle product – it certainly puts a smile on my face !

  • Isabel Lynam owner of Zindiana.JAN 2013

    My horse is a pure bred Arab by Scindian Sulton ( scindian Magic ) / Chasma-I-Shah ) sire.Zafika(Magnet/ Fafika) dame.When I bought her she had finished with her racing career and was in a very thin state .I discovered the problem was her teeth ,I have an excellent horse dentist now who looks after them .We did have an awful accident and got trapped in a metal gate ,this was due to Zindiana being too impatient she ended with a fractured jaw.I was so lucky to have this problem sorted .The fracture did not happen at the gate ,it was due to her being tied up with her bridle still on outside her stable ,she must have reared,you can guess the rest .Iwas of course limping back to the stable! The problem I had after she and I were able to hack out together was to get my nerve back and relax with Zin so as she was also chilled.I heard about equine science through a farrier .He was a young man 18 yrs.owned an Arab and did at a high level games .I am not young not that I am going to say how old! and thought well if he needs help for him to ride his horse why not me.Since then I use calmer bars and I am most impressed with the effect they have on her .I have become more confident again and Zin seems more focused .Mounting before a hack was a problem for me from the time I first had her now it is not such an issue .Debbie who has been my contact with equine science has been very supportive and has such a good knowledge about the behavior of horses I trust her advice.The help I get from Debbie and the excellent service from her business I am very appreciative for .I order my products and they arrive in about 2 days max.I could go on and on how the calmer bars have been the saviour for me so as I can still ride my horse .I fully recommend equine science why struggle when there is help on hand .

  • I tried these on my daughter’s naughty pony and within 45 mins was a different horse!

  • I was sceptical of using calmer bars, but gave it a go and am I glad I did!
    Absolutely brilliant, something that really works ! More so than I could of believed
    Thank you Equine Science.

  • Meg Brown – 5th June 2012
    Just to let you know I tried the calmer bars I took him to a cross country course to see how he was….he was AMAZING!!! He is ex racer and I love him!! Also had horse whisperer last week who told me all sorts of stuff like how he gets confused. Also said he worries he scares me and is very protective. That is so true as when I lead him in from the field in the last 3 months, he chases every other horse away who approaches, even bitiing them if they dont get the hint with his ears flat back!! Ears pricked, very interested and focused, no sideways stuff, no head tossing, just jumping everything that was put in front of him plus a nice gallop and back to trot for fun after.

  • Lyn Stokes , Sutton Coldfield, UK
    “I would like to let you know what great results we have had with using Calmer. I have a horse that is a little highly strung and has always been a bad traveller, scrapping, bouncing about and always very sweaty on arrival at the show. We recently go held up on the motorway and after an hour he completely lost the plot and went down in the trailer. After this he would load but went into melt down if we tried to shut the trailer up and would barge his way out. We tried Calmer for a couple of days, to get the serving right, and although he was his bright, stable door kicking self, when we loaded him on the trailer, he stood, allowed us to close the partition and the ramp and drive him around the block, without him scraping or jumping about!. I have to admit to being a little sceptical before I used it as he was so bad at travelling, but I was amazed at the result, and will carry on using it until he is happy to travel without it. I would also like to thank Debi fr her friendly help and advice. I would recommend anyone who has a nervous horse to give this product a try, it worked for my horse and could make all the difference to your horse. As an added bounce he loved the flavour of the biscuits and eat them happily out of my hand. Thank you Equine Science.

  • Muscle Mass – Debbie Harris, August 2012
    After his first race back since a years lay off through injury in early April this year, Sedgwick looked like his racing career might be over. The vet looked at him and said the outlook didn’t look to good and any treatments would be expensive. I had seen the advert for Nutrawound after using the Muscle Mass on another horse and thought it was worth putting ‘Sedgy’ on it even if he couldn’t run again. On May 19th he won at Doncaster and has again since won in August at Kempton. He is 10 years young and still loves his work, racing and galloping around the field. I would recommend the Equine Science products.

  • Star Burst, a 3yr old Fantastic Light filly, ran her first race at Windsor in June and ran very well, coming fourth.
    She was quite green, which was expected as it was her first time out and lots to see but both owner and trainer were delighted with her performance.
    The following morning she could hardly walk and vet x rayed her to find that she had fractured her radius, she was very lucky she had not broken it!!
    Straight away she was put on box rest and I was asked by the owner to give her what she needed. I immediately put her on Nutrawound and Nitroxide; Nitroxide for blood flow and Nutrawound for supporting the bone etc. After 2.5 weeks she was x- rayed again and there was no sign of the fracture and she was able to be walked by hand; the vet was so surprised with the results.
    She was walked in hand for 3wks and now is on the walker and is only on Nutrawound once a day and will then go on the Nutrwound Top Dressing for maintenance keeping her bones,tendons, ligaments and all soft tissues strong.
    She will be back on the racing track in approx 2 months.
    Star Burst ran on 30th December 2008 and she ran a very respectable 3rd, after coming back from her fracture injury. You could see that she was a little apprehensive as to putting pressure on that leg and given time she will gain confidence. This was her third race ever and has been placed twice now!
    She also was on the Gastro Top Dressing and the handler and trainer couldnt believe how calm she was and focused on her race, again proving how good this product is!
    A 3yr old filly was scanned when she arrived at our rehab yard at Taplow, Berkshire approximately 6wks ago.
    Her scan showed an injury so bad, that it looked like she had been jumping and one you would not expect to see this in such a young horse, running on the flat!  Using Nitroxide, for bloodflow and Nutrawound to support the body’s own healing process and production of collagen, a scan after 5 weeks showed much improvement. We are hopeful she will return to racing given time.

  • From : flossie To : Bob Date : 2009-01-23
    Subject : RE: Splint Bone Surgery
    Ok-we have either had a NutraWound miracle or something weird is going on.. I took this mare in for surgery yesterday, but the vet ended up having colic emergencies come in and did not get to her. He came in early this morning and took the bandages off her that were put on a week ago (he told me to leave them be) and was amazed at the wound and knot. He then went back and reviewed her x-rays and advised that we may be able to leave those broken pieces in there to heal up on their own. We are going to give it 10 days and then run x-rays again and see what we find. I think it was me putting her on NW the day I came back from the vet as well as before I even knew about the break. (I was giving that to her every other day along with the breathing stuff). So we are now in a waiting game and I will have her on NutraWound 2 x a day now. Do you have any thoughts about this?Thank you, LaDonna

  • I cannot believe how this Pulmon EZ has already worked on my elderly horse in just 2 days!  You could hear him out in the field wheezing but now his respiratory system is definitely improved. I will be keeping Deborah posted in during the week.

  • My pony has had a cough for a couple of years and nothing helped. Then I heard about Equine Science and their product Pulmon Ez and after two weeks the coughing had gone!!   He is now on a healthy maintenance that is affordable and has just improved my horses health.  Thank you Equine Science and of course Debbie.  Lynda Blackmore

  • Hi for the last 3 years my horse Smartie s suffered terrible with help breathing after spending 100 of pounds on vet bills later i stumbled across the equine science web site……. omg i cannot believe the out come i phoned them and spoke to  lovely lady called Debbie told her the problem and in the post  the next day came my herbal mix within a week her breathing was back to normal cannot thank them enough

  • I am a race horse trainer in Newmarket and was told about this product that would stop horses bleeding.  I have been in this industry for many years and nothing works, up until now!  Normally when you get a bleeder, its career is over, but knowing about the Pulmon Ez, its not!  Would recommend to anyone, great product and the GastroPlus is good too!  Not giving my name as we always what the edge!

  • Owner, Andrew Christou, is a very, very happy man and thanks to him we were allowed to show how effective these products really are. The trainer and staff have been so supportive as well, anything we asked of them was no trouble and dealt with.
    We have proved the strength of this product in supporting lung function – there is no other product on the market like this!”
    Mr Lambros won on 28th Dec 07, he stormed home winning by 1 1/4 lengths! Good to see that he has gained his confidence back and was in good health during and post racing. On Friday 28th January 2007, Mr Lambros won with style in his 7 furlong race at Wolverhampton.
    On January 5th 2008 he won again. Two wins in a week and one day! His performance was staggering, he was fighting for this head and the jockey had no option but to let him go and go he went. He broke away and our hearts were in our mouths wondering if he could keep this speed up, and he did and when challenged he made sure that no one was going to pass him. His stamina was amazing, in normal cases when a horse comes to challenge in the closing stages they win. Well done Mr Lambros!!
    This proves that the Pulmon Ez works, if administered correctly, and we thank Gay Kelleway’s loyal and dedicated staff for doing this. It was only time that was needed, and with the dedication shown by the trainer and her lovely grooms ,he has now overcome his fears of not being able to breathe.
    19th January 2008, he won again! An impressive 3 1/2 lengths, he has completed his hat-trick in impressive style!! On 23rd February 2008 he was 2nd, a move up in class (2) just beaten by 1/2 a length but ran extremely well. This was very emotional for us all as if it not for our product, Pulmon Ez, and the brilliant person behind the science of these formulas he would not have a racing career!His owner, Andrew Christou, is one of the most patient of people and if not for him, this horse would have been retired earlier in the year of 2007.
    Mr Lambros trainer, Gay Kelleway, is now placing him up a class as she knows hes got his confidence back again.
    This only proves how powerful this product is and has certainly got other trainers attention!
    Well done Mr Lambros!
    We now dont think of him having a problem any more, just of building his confidence – and as he is doing so well with this formula, we can now start reducing it so we know that his body is more or less repaired itself, and no other product on the market can match this!!
    Well done Pulmon Ez!
    I am a race horse trainer in N

  • Jackie Doyle, February 2012
    ‘I can honestly say that the Pulmon Ez works! It does what it says and the backup received from the scientist that makes it is great – he can tailor make it to help a horse with any lung issues. I am very happy with this product and use Gastro Plus and Calmer” –
    Pulmon-Ez has given our horse his life back in racing!

  • I am a  racehorse trainer and one of my horses has bled for a while now and nothing worked. I contacted Equine Science about Pulmon Ez and was told they had great success with this. I was sceptical but I am certainly not now as my horse ran last week and won and never bled!! Even afterwards, travelling home, he was blowing his nose and ordinarily there would be blood everywhere, but there was not a trace!  I have noticed, as well, that he is eating so much better.  This stuff works!!
    These products work –

    M. Chapman 2013

  • Equine management and Training
    “They are indeed excellent products. And we are confident the special formulation will work for Toby. I would highly recommend.”

  • Marie Jackson
    “Product works really well.

  • J Unett – Trainer May 2012 – “ First Class product, does what it says and rapidly

  •  A Welan – Trainer April 2012 – “This is a great product! very effective and the horse back on the track, that’s what all of us trainers want. Would recommend – First class product

  • ALEX HALES  RACE HORSE TRAINER -June 2013 – This product truly does what it says on the bottle and more. I even said that it is a miracle worker! Well done to the formulator!

  • Fiona Marner, Kingwood Stud, Lambourn
    I can honestly say that this Fertility Mare works! I had a mare last year that was difficult to get in foal. When meeting Debbi,she told me of the Fertil+Mare product and how the Nitric Oxide made it so powerful. I followed the instructions and after 2 weeks dosing with Fertil+Mare, we tried covering the mare and to my delight she conceived. Eleven months later she had a strong healthy foal…

    I recommend this to anyone having difficulties in getting their mares in foal.

    What I like about the product is that it does not contain any drugs and is just natural ingredients that help the body get plenty of blood flow to the Uterus and Ovaries….