Rocky’s Success Story

We Love to hear your Equine Science Success Stories….

“I contacted Equine Science after my lovely dressage horse, rocky, 17yrs, had been constantly up and down with his weight, (despite eating more than all others on yard!) and was looking rather tucked up. He was still working and performing well at shows but as he is a rather stressy horse, it was hard to know why he wasn’t looking good. My vets took bloods which came back clear however vet requested we dose for tapeworm but also look at possibility of ulcers. He also had teeth, tack, physio checks as usual and his physio also felt he could have ulcers.

After worming, we started a month course of GastroPlus™. He quickly started to look less tucked up and regain condition. He has since been on the stomach function maintenance and is very well and feels superb to work.

I am grateful to Zoe, Debbie and Lucy for their help. So glad I have a happy, healthy, cheeky horse again.”

Pic 1. One by trailer is looking tucked up after competing.
Pic 2. After 2 days on GastroPlus™ his stomach looked less tucked up.
Pic 3. Keeping summer condition on the Stomach Maintenance
Pic 4. Still keeping his condition changing to winter coat, a time of year he normally struggles with.
Pic 5. Jan-16 Still looking amazing on the Stomach Function Maintenance.

Rocci - pic 1 Aug 15

Rocci - pic 2 Outside Stable 15


Rocci - pic 3 In the Field 15




Rocci - pic 5 Jan 15


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