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Pulmon Ez Testimonials


Pulmon Ez

  • Jackie Doyle, February 2012
    ‘I can honestly say that the Pulmon Ez works! It does what it says and the backup received from the scientist that makes it is great – he can tailor make it to help a horse with any lung issues. I am very happy with this product and use Gastro Plus and Calmer” –
    Pulmon-Ez has given our horse his life back in racing!

  • I am a race horse trainer in Newmarket and was told about this product that would stop horses bleeding.  I have been in this industry for many years and nothing works, up until now!  Normally when you get a bleeder, its career is over, but knowing about the Pulmon Ez, its not!  Would recommend to anyone, great product and the GastroPlus is good too!  Not giving my name as we always what the edge!

  • Our new racehorse was struggling to finish his races, even though he had won an Irish point to point two weeks before we bought him. There was no obvious reason for his decreased performance. We decided to get him scoped after one of his races and the vet said he had had a moderate bleed indicating EPIH. He has never had any blood come out of his nostrils. Deborah recommended Pulmon Ez. We put him on it straight away following Deborahs instructions. 3 weeks later he ran in another race, he ran well and stayed on right to the finish post. It was a much better performance and hopefully if we keep improving his lung health he will run to the best of his ability. Trish Robson

  • My pony has had a cough for a couple of years and nothing helped. Then I heard about Equine Science and their product Pulmon Ez and after two weeks the coughing had gone!!   He is now on a healthy maintenance that is affordable and has just improved my horses health.  Thank you Equine Science and of course Debbie.  Lynda Blackmore

  • Hi for the last 3 years my horse Smartie s suffered terrible with help breathing after spending 100 of pounds on vet bills later i stumbled across the equine science web site……. omg i cannot believe the out come i phoned them and spoke to  lovely lady called Debbie told her the problem and in the post  the next day came my herbal mix within a week her breathing was back to normal cannot thank them enough

  • I have used Equine Science products now for a couple of years. All I can say is they work. A lot of products on the market from vets or from off the shelf treat a symptom not a cause. Whether it is the science behind the products or the way they get to treat the root of a problem in my experience they do seem to produce miracle results. I initially used GastroPlus after the use of veterinary prescribed drugs only produced a short term solution. Like numerous others I was amazed to find that this product worked. i have since used NutraWound on a sacroiliac ligament strain, that healed completely within 3 months despite veterinary advice that it could take a year! And just recently PulmonEZ for a dry persistant cough that just wont go away despite complete turn out. After only three days of using this product I have yet to hear the horse cough, at all, despite being stood in for part of the time! It is these remarkable results which have spurred me to write this. These products are literally transforming and I now make Equine Science my first port of call when I suspect a problem. Deborah treats every horse as if it was hers providing a knowledgeable and incredibly fast service. Thank you Deborah and Equine Science.

    Caroline Mawdsley
    GastroPlus – was used on two horses and within a day or so they noticed a difference, much more relaxed and generally happier!
    Pulmon EZ – Head shaking stopped and the noises that he was making!
    Calming Cookies – Youngsters so chilled and content!
    Nitroxide & Nutrawound- Horse with Navicular is much more comfortable within days!

  • I am a  racehorse trainer and one of my horses has bled for a while now and nothing worked. I contacted Equine Science about Pulmon Ez and was told they had great success with this. I was sceptical but I am certainly not now as my horse ran last week and won and never bled!! Even afterwards, travelling home, he was blowing his nose and ordinarily there would be blood everywhere, but there was not a trace!  I have noticed, as well, that he is eating so much better.  This stuff works!!
    These products work –

    M. Chapman 2013

  • I want to thank Deborah at Equinescience for her advice and recommending we use Pulmonez. Our mare suddenly began to cough back in the middle of July. It was a very dry non-productive cough. The horse was otherwise fit and very well. At the beginning of August she was scoped by the vet. She diagnosed an environmental allergic reaction, with no signs of infection or blockages. The airways were inflamed. The horse was prescribed ventapulmin which had no effect at all. She was then prescribed inhalers which gave some improvement but the cough still persisted. In frustration I contacted Deborah. After just 4 days of giving the horse pulmonez in her feed the cough was gone. She has now been without the cough for 8 days. A result !! How impressive is that ? We had spent nearly £500 on vets consultations and prescribed medication to no avail. I would not advocate bypassing the vet for a diagnosis but maybe look at the alternative treatments on offer .Not only does pulmonez work it is cost effective too. This is the third product we have used from Equine science. They all do what they say on the tin !

  • I cannot believe how this Pulmon EZ has already worked on my elderly horse in just 2 days!  You could hear him out in the field wheezing but now his respiratory system is definitely improved. I will be keeping Deborah posted in during the week.