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Tape worm

Tape worm



I want to let everyone know about this dreadful worm that can hide from a full blood test and worm count. My poor horse ‘Equine Science’ , picture below, that retired from racing in France, looked dreadful when he arrived back home. I Immediately put him on the GastroPlus and wormed him including Tape Worm and after two weeks I still wasn’t happy with him and thought there must be something else going on, as I know how the GastroPlus works! Got a full blood test and nothing really showed up other than inflammation pointing towards his gut, which I knew the GastroPlus will sort out. Did a worm count and it was normal, but I still wasn’t happy. Vets said he obviously wasn’t being fed properly in France and given time he will put on condition. After another couple of weeks I suggested to the vet to take a blood test for Tape Worm, and there was the answer!! Even though I had wormed him for this, apparently there is 3 types of Tape Worm and only Equitape gets rid of all of these. The very next day after worming, I could not believe the difference, literally overnight I could see some condition on him, so finally the GastroPlus can do its job!


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