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Nutrawound Testimonials



  • Tyra had the staples removed from her leg on Wednesday 12 days after she injured herself getting cast in her stable. We started giving her nitroxide and nutra wound 3 days after her accident. The vet was really pleased with how well she has healed. Lizzy started riding her again yesterday just in walk, 14 days after her accident. Today she did a little trot work. The swelling went down really quickly as you can see from the photos taken on day 1, day 4 and day 12 and there are NO SCARS AT ALL! Thanks for your advice and amazing equine science products. Feel free to use the photos if they are of any use to you.

    Jane and Lizzy xx

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    GastroPlus – was used on two horses and within a day or so they noticed a difference, much more relaxed and generally happier!
    Pulmon EZ – Head shaking stopped and the noises that he was making!
    Calming Cookies – Youngsters so chilled and content!
    Nitroxide & Nutrawound- Horse with Navicular is much more comfortable within days!

  • Had two really good beneficial lessons with Jo Bates last weekend. I say beneficial as this could only have been made possible by the support of Debroah and her team.
    Firstly because my sensitive chap has been on the stomach maintenance now for almost two years which has made a huge difference to his stress levels (to say a liability in the show ring would be understated). He is now so much more rideable.
    Secondly, a few months ago I nearly lost him in an accident in the field when he got himself caught in the electric fence cable (mains electric). The power eventually put him down and he was left with quite a severe burn across the front of his hock. The wound wasn’t very encouraging and looked as if it would be left with scarring or at the very best white hair growth.
    Again Debroah came to the rescue with Nutra Wound. Gerry found it very palatable and within a week the wound was practically healing before my eyes!! The wound has completely healed and I now getting re growth of hair and am guess what……… is not WHITE!!!!
    Lastly back to my lessons. One calm cookie (Gerry thinks it a treat) and at the end of the session I was told my horse was “not a S….but was top class, outstanding” Thank you for helping me get this far, keeping my chap on the road, and for the constant support and advice

    Cheryl Bunton
  • I have used Equine Science products now for a couple of years. All I can say is they work. A lot of products on the market from vets or from off the shelf treat a symptom not a cause. Whether it is the science behind the products or the way they get to treat the root of a problem in my experience they do seem to produce miracle results. I initially used GastroPlus after the use of veterinary prescribed drugs only produced a short term solution. Like numerous others I was amazed to find that this product worked. i have since used NutraWound on a sacroiliac ligament strain, that healed completely within 3 months despite veterinary advice that it could take a year! And just recently PulmonEZ for a dry persistant cough that just wont go away despite complete turn out. After only three days of using this product I have yet to hear the horse cough, at all, despite being stood in for part of the time! It is these remarkable results which have spurred me to write this. These products are literally transforming and I now make Equine Science my first port of call when I suspect a problem. Deborah treats every horse as if it was hers providing a knowledgeable and incredibly fast service. Thank you Deborah and Equine Science.

    Caroline Mawdsley
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    “Another fab day with Valentino’s King having his 3rd win this season at BE100 Littleton Manor supported by “Joint plus with soft tissue support” and “stomach function Maintenance Many thanks to the Team at Equinescience!”

    Henrietta Jones

  • From : flossie To : Bob Date : 2009-01-23
    Subject : RE: Splint Bone Surgery
    Ok-we have either had a NutraWound miracle or something weird is going on.. I took this mare in for surgery yesterday, but the vet ended up having colic emergencies come in and did not get to her. He came in early this morning and took the bandages off her that were put on a week ago (he told me to leave them be) and was amazed at the wound and knot. He then went back and reviewed her x-rays and advised that we may be able to leave those broken pieces in there to heal up on their own. We are going to give it 10 days and then run x-rays again and see what we find. I think it was me putting her on NW the day I came back from the vet as well as before I even knew about the break. (I was giving that to her every other day along with the breathing stuff). So we are now in a waiting game and I will have her on NutraWound 2 x a day now. Do you have any thoughts about this?Thank you, LaDonna

  • I felt compelled to write this testimonial after the 3 years’ of first class results my horses and myself as a consequences have received from using Equine Science products.

    Debbie Gibson and Zoe Wood have been outstanding in the care, support and unrivalled experience they have brought with them in delivering everything their equine and human customer needs.

    I began as a single horse owner taking part in general competition. I now run a private competition/livery yard of 30 horses and have a small breeding programme at home.   Equine Science have looked after all of my horses’ needs from day one. They have seen them through from grass roots to International competition.

    What I find refreshing in this day and age is the attention to detail and true diligent customer service that Equine Science provide

    Equine Science has a wealth of knowledge. They are always approachable and incredibly helpful when it comes to a practical and economic way to proceed with treatment needed to keep horses in tip top condition. Equine Science never compromise on quality. The welfare of the horse is paramount.

    I would never hesitate to recommend the services Equine Science provide. The whole of their team are true professionals.  Nothing is too much trouble and they will give real peace of mind to any horse owner.

    GW Equine Limited

    Gayle White BHSI
  • Star Burst, a 3yr old Fantastic Light filly, ran her first race at Windsor in June and ran very well, coming fourth.
    She was quite green, which was expected as it was her first time out and lots to see but both owner and trainer were delighted with her performance.
    The following morning she could hardly walk and vet x rayed her to find that she had fractured her radius, she was very lucky she had not broken it!!
    Straight away she was put on box rest and I was asked by the owner to give her what she needed. I immediately put her on Nutrawound and Nitroxide; Nitroxide for blood flow and Nutrawound for supporting the bone etc. After 2.5 weeks she was x- rayed again and there was no sign of the fracture and she was able to be walked by hand; the vet was so surprised with the results.
    She was walked in hand for 3wks and now is on the walker and is only on Nutrawound once a day and will then go on the Nutrwound Top Dressing for maintenance keeping her bones,tendons, ligaments and all soft tissues strong.
    She will be back on the racing track in approx 2 months.
    Star Burst ran on 30th December 2008 and she ran a very respectable 3rd, after coming back from her fracture injury. You could see that she was a little apprehensive as to putting pressure on that leg and given time she will gain confidence. This was her third race ever and has been placed twice now!
    She also was on the Gastro Top Dressing and the handler and trainer couldnt believe how calm she was and focused on her race, again proving how good this product is!
    A 3yr old filly was scanned when she arrived at our rehab yard at Taplow, Berkshire approximately 6wks ago.
    Her scan showed an injury so bad, that it looked like she had been jumping and one you would not expect to see this in such a young horse, running on the flat!  Using Nitroxide, for bloodflow and Nutrawound to support the body’s own healing process and production of collagen, a scan after 5 weeks showed much improvement. We are hopeful she will return to racing given time.