Many trainers headache whether racehorse or eventing, is in a horse scoping dirty just before a race or event and therefore is not a good idea to run or compete as this will affect their performance and can be quite dramatic!
Accumulations of mucus within the trachea are often found during an endoscopic and grade 2-4 can be a cause of poor performance and this clinical finding is unknown!

Equine Science has been so effective with their Pulmon Ez for bleeders for the last two seasons and many trainers have seen how the Pulmon Ez has worked so have asked us to help them with the Mucus problem.

Our formula for the Mucus problem has become increasingly in demand and again like the Pulmon Ez, very effective.

Our Mucus formula comes in an 80 scoop bag @ £85.00 and can last an average 500 kilo horse at 1 x scoop per dose, 80 days. In most cases we do suggest that you do a loading dose at 1 x scoop twice a day for one week and then once a day. This just depends on the individual which we would advise.


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