Meet Twiglet and read about her Equine Science Story


Meet Twiglet a 16.2hh ex flat racehorse (Apron).

“Early in 2014 Twiglet was well, but had begun to have issues with anyone touching her ears and she was prone to lose weight quite quickly if she got cold or other issue or stress – the latter we put down to the fact she is a lightweight TB, but it was never a real concern. We had both the vet and dentist check her ears and teeth to see if there were any obvious reasons why the ears were becoming sensitive. She has always been a kind, willing and generous mare and enjoying her work so we were not overly concerned and continued as normal.


Twiglet looking sorry for herself

In 2015 we moved yards where she sustained a small injury where the gate latch went into her side so was off work for a number of weeks during which time she began to kick out (having first ‘killed’ her reflection in the stable mirror). Moving to a slightly larger stable helped for a while, but the kicking started again so we had the dentist and back specialist to check her over, but nothing changed. The summer was fairly stressful for her, but being out 24/7 helped. However, towards the end of 2015, when stabled again, she started to kick when asked to canter (quite determined handstands!), so we stopped riding in the school only hacking out where she seemed relatively comfortable, but she soon began to resent the left leg being placed on her side (no problem touching her in the stable, only when ridden). She also started kicking in her stable again.


A casual conversation with someone suggested the possibility of ulcers – I did feel a bit of an idiot not thinking of this, with racehorses being known for these, but it had not occurred to me or other professionals. We treated immediately with GastroPlus® and changed her feed from conditioning cubes to Simple Systems grass nuts and Thunderbrook chaff.


Almost overnight, Twiglet was happier, kicking almost stopped and her skin was less tight. She was on the GastroPlus® for the month and moved onto the Stomach Function Maintenance™.


Happy again in her work with dogs keeping guard

Due to needing a new saddle, she has mainly been worked on the long-rein but has been worked under saddle in walk, trot & canter without any kicking or discomfort! She also seems much happier overall, she is now very affectionate, and even calls for her food which we hadn’t heard for a long time!


Equine Science® was certainly a good find and proved to be a good result for Twiglet, and us!”  Caroline Ireland


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