Meet Bob the scientist behind Equine Science


Born to Italian-American parents in Providence in 1949, Bob Fogli attended various schools in Rhode Island. At school, he balanced his two great loves of science and hockey until graduating from LaSalle Academy in 1967, after which he attended college in Boston, Massachusetts.

After college, while working as the national manager for the US division of an international company, Bob moved to California, where he discovered his interest in the science of nutrition. He enrolled in a Naturopathic college to receive a certification in Nutritional Science in the year 1991.

After his graduation in 1995 he landed a job as a Medical Director for an alternative medicine company called the Golden Triangle Holistic Group. While there, Bob began his work developing blood flow products for diabetics and cardiac patients. It was in the course of this work that Bob developed his Neurotransmitter Production Support (NPS) delivery system. With this new technology Bob was able to formulate effective products that would synergistically blend to provide the maximum benefit for users.

When the clinic he was working for was sold, Bob decided to go into business for himself. When founding his own company, he sought to incorporate his many years of studying the uses of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to achieve optimal peak performance for the human body. It was with this vision in mind that he founded Total Health Enhancement, Corp. Bob went on to formulate many successful formulas throughout his career using his N.P.S. Delivery System which was based on the Nobel Prize winning science of Nitric Oxide production.

Eighteen years later, Bob has a very successful multimillion-dollar company that is still growing. He now creates highly effective, custom formulas for elite athletes the general human population, horses, and small pets.

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