Introducing Tenor, a wonderful GastroPlus success story

We LOVE hearing your success stories……”I’ve put Tenor on his gastroplus and two days in he is definitely feeling better! He was back to giggling in the morning and talking to me and visibly enjoying his feed.. It’s so nice to see him feeling better so soon after having a discussion with the vet about euthanising him as he was too sick to travel only last week. I have a before photo and I’ll take one after 10 days to show you but it’s looking good so far!
Thank you so much for your support and advice,. He deserves the best with the awful life he’s had and means the world to me……….Hi, just thought I’d give you a 10 day update.. He is doing great and you’d never know how sick he had been! I’m not sure if the photo shows how much ‘tucked up’ tummy has improved but it really has.” Natasha


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