Horse severely burnt in Newton Common suspected arson

We recently heard the devastating news of a horse that had been severely burnt in a fire….

Take a look at this news article from the BBC news website

A horse suffered severe burns in a suspected arson attack at a farm in Hampshire.
Fire crews were called to a horse box on fire at a farm in Horris Hill, Newtown Common, early on Wednesday.
It emerged that burglars had broken into a tack store on the farm and taken nine saddles, worth £12,000, and some bridles.
Police said, during the raid, the suspects set fire to a horse box truck and flames spread to a nearby stable.
Although the occupants managed to rescue the horses inside the stable two were injured by the fire, with one suffering serious burns to its back.
Stable owner Martin Pope said: “They’ve caused an enormous amount of damage, threatened all the horses’ lives and any humans who were trying to save the horses.”We have come to the rescue of a badly burnt horse that was caught up in a robbery where a fire was started deliberately that unfortunately got hold of the timber stables. The stable roof was on fire and dropped into the stable where this poor horse was standing and her rug caught fire leaving her with severe burns to her back and she was in extreme pain!


We wanted to help and managed to contact the owners to offer our Nutrawound and thankfully they were willing to accept our offer of help. Nutrawound is remarkable for any soft tissue injuries and bone and we look forward to hearing the news of how effective it is. We will keep you posted as to how she recovers…



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