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GastroPlus Testimonials



  • My Holsteiner x ISH has always been a little lazy to school but the first signs of things getting worse was when her faeces became very loose. Shortly after this, Bella’s behaviour in the field changed. She spent time yawning, licking and head shaking instead of eating. I put her on probiotics initially which improved her faeces but not her unusual behaviour. Her ridden work deteriorated and within 10 days of the first signs of something being wrong and I struggled to get her into a trot let alone canter.  She had worn her toes slightly on both back feet over the last 2 weeks (toe dragging) in addition to poor performance under saddle. I googled the combination of behaviours and was led to believe this may be hind gut ulcers. (The colon being towards the right side of the horse gives a reason for the off side hind being more worn with toe dragging than the left).Through a friend and equine client recommending Equine Science, I phoned Deborah who listened to my concerns and recommended Gastro plus for my mare.

    Her licking, yawning and lack of appetite disappeared in 4 days. I felt comfortable to get on board after 7 days, without causing her discomfort and within 10 days we were cantering and jumping!!

    Only 20 days into the 30 day treatment and although she occasionally shows signs of fatigue after 20 minutes schooling, my mare has never felt this good.


    Alex Riesen BSc (Hons), PGCE, Dip ESMT



  • Had two really good beneficial lessons with Jo Bates last weekend. I say beneficial as this could only have been made possible by the support of Debroah and her team.
    Firstly because my sensitive chap has been on the stomach maintenance now for almost two years which has made a huge difference to his stress levels (to say a liability in the show ring would be understated). He is now so much more rideable.
    Secondly, a few months ago I nearly lost him in an accident in the field when he got himself caught in the electric fence cable (mains electric). The power eventually put him down and he was left with quite a severe burn across the front of his hock. The wound wasn’t very encouraging and looked as if it would be left with scarring or at the very best white hair growth.
    Again Debroah came to the rescue with Nutra Wound. Gerry found it very palatable and within a week the wound was practically healing before my eyes!! The wound has completely healed and I now getting re growth of hair and am guess what……… is not WHITE!!!!
    Lastly back to my lessons. One calm cookie (Gerry thinks it a treat) and at the end of the session I was told my horse was “not a S….but was top class, outstanding” Thank you for helping me get this far, keeping my chap on the road, and for the constant support and advice

    Cheryl Bunton
  • “Just wanted to give you an update on my mare after a course of Gastroplus and Gastroplus Extend. She is now on the Stomach Maintenance with extra calmer and I’m so pleased we found your products. What a difference! Before using your products my daughter was too scared to ride her. ????Thank you!”




    Jo Laughton
  • we’ll we’re over the moon we brushed breeze today she has just completed the Gastroplus. We couldn’t touch her before starting it never mind using a rake. As you can see in pics she’s actually falling asleep !!

    " Lisa Scott
  • Absolutely thrilled with the results of gastro plus after just two weeks. We have gone from bucking and rearing to just a bit of tail swishing and an occasional nap. Eating much better and generally more settled . Coat in much better condition too.  



    Leanda Thomas
  • I have used Equine Science products now for a couple of years. All I can say is they work. A lot of products on the market from vets or from off the shelf treat a symptom not a cause. Whether it is the science behind the products or the way they get to treat the root of a problem in my experience they do seem to produce miracle results. I initially used GastroPlus after the use of veterinary prescribed drugs only produced a short term solution. Like numerous others I was amazed to find that this product worked. i have since used NutraWound on a sacroiliac ligament strain, that healed completely within 3 months despite veterinary advice that it could take a year! And just recently PulmonEZ for a dry persistant cough that just wont go away despite complete turn out. After only three days of using this product I have yet to hear the horse cough, at all, despite being stood in for part of the time! It is these remarkable results which have spurred me to write this. These products are literally transforming and I now make Equine Science my first port of call when I suspect a problem. Deborah treats every horse as if it was hers providing a knowledgeable and incredibly fast service. Thank you Deborah and Equine Science.

    Caroline Mawdsley
  • This is a picture of my horse looking very bloated and showing signs of being rather uncomfortable. I rang Deborah who advised me to put my horse on GastroPlus® & Inflammation Support™ and after 5 days you can see the difference in the reduced bloating and I can he was much more comfortable.
    I’ll keep you posted but he appears much more comfortable now. Thank you EquineScience


    Nicola R
  • Mel & Pauline’s long Journey


    My horse Mel never really showed any common signs of ulcers and she was always a pleasure to handle and ride. The first and only sign was when she did a rodeo display on two separate occasions in her stable after her saddle had been put on (both episodes were weeks apart). She seemed sore between her front legs, so I got the physio out. Mel nearly killed him and that was when we realised something was very wrong (she’d seen the same physio twice previously and he always described her as his favourite TB).

    Mel was scoped and diagnosed with Grade 2 & 3 ulcers in October 2015 and put on a course of GastroGuard. All was going well until she was weaned off of it and then they came back again. The vet prescribed another course of GastroGuard, to which the same thing happened again. We were now well into the winter months and she was being scoped approx. every 4 weeks. This started to take its toll on her weight and my vet advised to give Equine Science GastroPlus a go.
    I contacted Equine Science in February 16 (after another scoping – see picture). They were extremely helpful and we started Mel on the recommended dose of GastroPlus. She started to eat more in her stable and seemed quite content. We had made as many dietary changes as we could back in October, so there was nothing else we could do for her in terms of feeding high fibre etc. I carried on with the GastroPlus for a month and then changed onto the Stomach Function Maintenance with Extra Calmer (we choose the Extra Calmer option as although she doesn’t come across as a stressed horse she can be quite a worrier inside, goes very quiet and stops eating).

    Mel seemed pretty settled on the Stomach Function Maintenance but we decided long term that moving yards would also benefit her, so in May 16 we moved to a new yard. I gave her a double dose for a few days before and then for 2 weeks after we moved. To me this would be a stressful period for her so we gave her many weeks out at grass at the new yard and was then re-scoped July 16. The ulcers had not got worse but were still slightly apparent, so she spent all summer at grass 24/7 and in light work. We scoped again in October 16 to check the status before she came in overnight for the winter and they had improved in a few more places). We scoped again in January 17 and although I was expecting the worst (after being stabled overnight), much to my surprise there was a big improvement (see pictures).

    I’m totally amazed by how they have repaired themselves by having a more natural diet and support from the Stomach Function Maintenance Supplement. It has been a very long process and I do believe that perseverance is the key.

    We now look forward to getting back to competing in the summer and hopefully we can pick up where we left off and do our 1st affiliated Novice dressage test.




    Pauline & Mel
  • About 8 weeks ago I decided to treat my horse for gastric ulcers. I looked at what was available on the market and decided to speak to the people at equine science,after a very helpful conversation gastro plus it was. Almost instantly his attitude changed he became calm and easier to handle and ride. We then took him training and decided to give him a calming cookie which also worked and we were all delighted with the improvements in his attitude and jump. He is now on the gastro maintenance and joint supplement and a calming cookie before competition.
    So impressed with these products I am now going to treat another horse.

  • “My mare Coco had grade 4 squamous and glandular ulcers – she scoped clear after being treated with both Gastrogard and sucralfate, within a few days of stopping treatment she had started napping and was grumpy to tack up.I was recommended GastroPlus® and have been amazed! She is like a different horse, no longer plants herself and is so much better to tack up. Last night I put a rug on her for the first time in ages and she didn’t try to bite me!!! I can honestly say it is a wonderful product and I now have a lovely horse that I can ride!!!! Thank you Equine Science.”


    Claire Billard
  • I purchased “Twiggy” in March and she is an ex race horse. From the off she has always been edgy girth up and quite streesful to mount from the ground but we perservered until we started to compete.. and with the additional competitive stress this caused it became very difficult and potentially dangerous.
    i decided to try the gastro plus as I had heard it worked wonders, for the first 16 days I didnt notice much improvement but in the past week she is happy to be groomed under her tummy (no funny faces) less edgy when girthed up, is standing more quietly to mount, she is also quieter to be around and seems to be less tense.
    As it has taken a while to notice a difference we are putting her on the gastro extend for a month to reinforce the gastro plus prior to putting her on the maintenance.
    I will send another update towards the end of the gastro extend.
    Thanks to all the team for listening and I will send another update in 3-4 weeks time



    Lisa Wootton
  • Just started GastroPlus seeing good results already!

    Samantha Jane Ashford Hollick
  • Gastro plus worked really well on my horse. He’s a different horse! Now he’s on the Gastro maintenance & he has stayed happy & much calmer.

    Debbie Hornby
  • Just started using Gastroplus on my stressy mare and it’s brill

    Paula Drury
  • Gastro plus really helped my ex racehorse recover from grade 4 ulcers

    Sophie Bennett
  • My spooky boy loved the cookies ???? absolutely deloghted to have found Gastroplus for my mare, she is a million times better then i ever imagined she could be and now i’m testing it on my boy

    Chloé Horobin
  • “don’t believe many supplements do much more than cost people money but gastroplus really works. It’s significantly cheaper than gastroguard. It made a noticeable difference to horses that I have fed it to.”

    Ben Furnival
  • I felt compelled to write this testimonial after the 3 years’ of first class results my horses and myself as a consequences have received from using Equinescience products.

    Debbie Gibson and Zoe Wood have been outstanding in the care, support and unrivalled experience they have brought with them in delivering everything their equine and human customer needs.

    I began as a single horse owner taking part in general competition. I now run a private competition/livery yard of 30 horses and have a small breeding programme at home.   Equinescience have looked after all of my horses’ needs from day one. They have seen them through from grass roots to International competition.

    What I find refreshing in this day and age is the attention to detail and true diligent customer service that Equinescience provide

    Equinescience has a wealth of knowledge. They are always approachable and incredibly helpful when it comes to a practical and economic way to proceed with treatment needed to keep horses in tip top condition. Equinescience never compromise on quality. The welfare of the horse is paramount.

    I would never hesitate to recommend the services Equinescience provide. The whole of their team are true professionals.  Nothing is too much trouble and they will give real peace of mind to any horse owner.

    GW Equine Limited

    Gayle White BHSI
  • GastroPlus and Gastric Support. Has been great for my ulcer prone mare. Highly recommended.”

    Jane Boyd
  • “Gastroplus was our last hope with our horse & I can quite honestly say it saved his life!”

    Kay Robbins
  • Gastroplus is amazing, I’ve heard so many stories from friends with horses.
    It’s great everyone should know about it and buy it, after all we all look after ourselves to feel good.
    If the horse could speak he would be asking for it on a re-peat prescription:)

    Ann Hines
  • 14206223_10155130857128098_7900831815211939200_o


    Anyone thinking of trying the Gastroplus I cannot recommend enough, our test this weekend he scored 69.78% but it was the fact that we didn’t get a single needs to be more forward from the leg comment that has made my day, he is so much happier in his work and I tried EVERYTHING!!! Before Gastroplus. ????????

    Claire Bolton
  • A quick update on Harry boy. Thought you might like to see a picture of him on his way to 7th place at the Hickstead summer regionals last week, looking and feeling amazing on his muscle mass and stomach maintenance formula.
    I passed my trailer test last week so hopefully we’ll be able to get out and about a bit more now and help spread the word about your fantastic products!






  • mms_img-4229002971


    Thank you to our client Cheryl, for sharing this lovely picture of her horse “Bally Blarney” being ridden by Richard Telford at the Ayre County Show a few weeks ago.
    Not only did they win the Middle Weight Hunter class, they then went on to win the Ridden Hunter class and then Overall Hunter Champion!!
    Fantastic achievement. Loving GastroPlus®, Stomach Function Maintenance™, Calming Cookies™

    Cheryl Bunton
  • Meet Twiglet a 16.2hh ex flat racehorse (Apron).

    “Early in 2014 Twiglet was well, but had begun to have issues with anyone touching her ears and she was prone to lose weight quite quickly if she got cold or other issue or stress – the latter we put down to the fact she is a lightweight TB, but it was never a real concern. We had both the vet and dentist check her ears and teeth to see if there were any obvious reasons why the ears were becoming sensitive. She has always been a kind, willing and generous mare and enjoying her work so we were not overly concerned and continued as normal.


    Twiglet looking sorry for herself

    In 2015 we moved yards where she sustained a small injury where the gate latch went into her side so was off work for a number of weeks during which time she began to kick out (having first ‘killed’ her reflection in the stable mirror). Moving to a slightly larger stable helped for a while, but the kicking started again so we had the dentist and back specialist to check her over, but nothing changed. The summer was fairly stressful for her, but being out 24/7 helped. However, towards the end of 2015, when stabled again, she started to kick when asked to canter (quite determined handstands!), so we stopped riding in the school only hacking out where she seemed relatively comfortable, but she soon began to resent the left leg being placed on her side (no problem touching her in the stable, only when ridden). She also started kicking in her stable again.


    A casual conversation with someone suggested the possibility of ulcers – I did feel a bit of an idiot not thinking of this, with racehorses being known for these, but it had not occurred to me or other professionals. We treated immediately with GastroPlus® and changed her feed from conditioning cubes to Simple Systems grass nuts and Thunderbrook chaff.


    Almost overnight, Twiglet was happier, kicking almost stopped and her skin was less tight. She was on the GastroPlus® for the month and moved onto the Stomach Function Maintenance™.


    Happy again in her work with dogs keeping guard

    Due to needing a new saddle, she has mainly been worked on the long-rein but has been worked under saddle in walk, trot & canter without any kicking or discomfort! She also seems much happier overall, she is now very affectionate, and even calls for her food which we hadn’t heard for a long time!


    Equine Science® was certainly a good find and proved to be a good result for Twiglet, and us!”  Caroline Ireland

  • “I just wanted to share with you some feedback on your gut maintenance product. This is harry who was diagnosed with pretty bad stomach ulcers relatively recently. These ulcers were cleared up but Harry had a dull coat and was difficult to keep weight on despite large amounts of hard feed. He was very grumpy particularly when tacking up and having girth tightened. He was not forward in his attitude and could be challenging to handle. Since being on your gut maintenance product he has gained huge amounts of weight, so much so I have had to buy bigger girth for him, but what is also excellent is the condition of his coat. He now gleams and is the picture of health. He is less grumpy and so relaxed in his handling. I could not be happier. THANK YOU”


    Claire Blakey
  • This is my before & after pic of my mare who has been on your gastro guard. Although not having been scoped for ulcers Diva was showing all of the classic symptoms as well as having lost weight & condition over the past few months despite the fact she was on a build up diet. Within days of starting Gastro guard the change in her was easy to see, brighter, happier and moving more freely, not to mention the weight gain and improvement in overall condition. I would not hesitate in recommending this product”



    Victoria Partleton
  • I have had exceptional results from gastro plus and now the stomach maintenance formula, for my mare who had severe ulcers. We are now back out competing Medium level dressage and hoping to do our Adv-Medium debut shortly! I would highly recommend EquineSciene to all – I have received fantastic support and advice both pre and post-sales. Thanks very much!

    Tanya Knight
  • I have just brought Ollie in from the field after two weeks treatment on Gastro Plus. I cannot believe the difference in my pony in such a short time.
    Looking back I think his ulcers perhaps started when he was sent away to be broken. After arriving with me in Sept 2013 as a just back four year old from my sister (who bought him as a foal) his behaviour on and off the ground has been getting seriously bad. I just put it down to “that’s just Ollie” and carried on.
    Despite obviously being in pain – winter always worse when stabled he did begin his dressage career. The first year he was fairly consistent though always had an issue with canter and often through in a buck in his tests. Despite this he gained Petplan Prelim qualification but always disappointed me as the autumn turned into winter. I always put his `increasingly dangerous behaviour down to high spirits and put him on yet more calmer.
    Then in Dec 14 he had major colic attack out of the blue and resulted in a midnight operation, He recovered well and after three months off again returned back to work slowly. I then resorted to wearing a Point two jacket and laughed about his behaviour which again got progressively worse as the work load increased and turned out reduced. BD dressage again was sometimes good sometimes bad – Ollie became known as Mr Unpredictable but I carried on and again despite obvious pain gained Petplan and regional qualification at Prelim and around 8 Novice points. But as winter drew in and fields closed his behaviour again turned dangerous. More calmer tried.
    Then leading up the regional championships his bucking got so bad I had to strap him down with all sorts of contraptions and schooling aids and again through this regional test we had rodeo action in canter and rearing. Someone would have questioned how did he get his qualifying scores!!!!!! So disappointed again I turned him away again for six weeks. Dreading getting on him again in spring.
    That was when a conversation with my mum brought ulcers to the table. Searching the internet for advise I found a chap in the US that showed you were to touch your horse to ascertain the likelihood of ulcers. Ollie has always hated being groomed, shod, and generally touched and loved. He has always been a ‘angry’ horse with his ears back. He hated been tacked up and kicked you when you girthed him. He has bitten me, kicked me and but always whinny at be in the morning strangely.
    To cut a very long story short – I researched ulcer treatment, the pros and cons of scoping and to be honest in my heart of hearts knew something had to change. Having had colic I was not sure if I was covered by insurance so decided to give GastroPlus® from Equine Science. I picked up the phone and spoke to Debbie in the office and ran through Ollie’s history. We both agreed to give him a months trial of the supplement and see how he reacted.
    Well two weeks in and I can honestly say that he has had a compete personality change – he is 99% non-reactive to the touch and loves being touched, he is so affectionate and is not angry anymore. I rode him today for the first time in six weeks, only in walk and trot and he was so laid back and his ears were forward. I have decided to take it slowly again and try and re-educate him to pain free work but so far so good.
    The results are amazing and speak for themselves. Yes there will be some people who will say because I did not scope him how can you be sure he had ulcers, but I have several people at my yard who categorised Ollie as dangerous and can now see a step change in him. I now look forward to working with Debbie at Equine Science and keeping Ollie on a pain free path and reach his true potential. I will of course update you on his progress as I know it is early days but I cannot thank you enough at this point and it is not often I feel I have to put pen to paper but if anyone is unsure as to what to try for ulcers I would 100% recommend GastroPlus®. It’s AMAZING !!!!!!!”

  • “This is our handsome boy Caleb who was diagnosed with ulcers last year after vetinary treatment he was a little better but once stopped he got worse again we have now had him on gastro plus for a nearly a month and he is so much better and relaxed in his schooling with more energy and extention, now looking forward to competing at dressage this year I highly recommend gastro plus for your horse for treatment of stomach and hind gut ulcers, I can’t thank Deborah and her team enough for the advice and support they have given us, thank you xxx”

    Trudi Gradden