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As a leading Racehorse Trainer, I would like to give you further insight into EquineScience, we are suppliers of a powerful and completely natural selection of Nitric Oxide products for horses – In particular, our leading formula GastroPlus™ for the treatment of gastric ulcers.

You will no doubt have seen the large article in The Racing Post dated 11/12/2014 titled “Ulcers; The Hidden Curse.” The article referred to some leading trainers who had identified a number of horses having ulcers and have treated them accordingly. Once treated successfully, their performance improved dramatically, recently winning major awards.

However, as with all treatments, the introduction of Vets and medication can be extremely expensive – a course of recognised medication containing Omeprazole can be in excess of £1500 per horse, followed by the cost of ongoing treatment to ensure the ulcers do not return. As with the majority of prescribed medications, this can also mean your horse is unable to race for a period of time and the product needs to be withdrawn prior to racing.

GastroPlus™  offers Trainers an affordable, extremely effective alternative to address gastric and intestinal ailments without introducing chemicals. GastroPlus™ supplies nutrients and utilises Nitric Oxide Precursors to increase the horse’s natural production of mucous to protect the lining of the stomach and intestines.

Happy Stomachs can only mean good performance!

GastroPlus TM is highly sought after and is recommended by vets and trainers throughout the world. Bob Baffert (trainer of numerous Breeders Cup Winners) is our major client and endorses the GastroPlus™and MuscleMass. With approximately 81 horses, in last year’s Breeders Cup, were known to be on our GastroPlus™and MuscleMass, which speaks volumes!

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