Custom Blend Formula

Custom Blend formula for your horse’s exact needs

A Custom Formula can help solve difficult, re-occurring or mystery cases.  With increased overall health benefits, Custom Formulas are great for combining multiple supplements into one formula, targeting deficiencies and taking your horse to the next level competitively!  Let us help bring your horse’s body back to homeostasis, with a customized supplement specifically designed for your horse.

Custom Formulas have a base of Perform PRO™ or Muscle Balance™.  These daily supplements are an important part of the formula, ensuring your horse is receiving the necessary vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and herbs for your horse to stay healthy.  Each base is different to be more specific for your horse’s needs.

Perform PRO™ is our multi-vitamin everyday supplement to help maintain your horse’s health and keep them in good condition.  Our Muscle Balance™ formula is a great everyday complete supplement to help increase stamina, water intake, lean muscle increase, reduce recovery time and great for hard keepers.

If your horse is competing under FEI rules we can make a custom formula that is compliant.  We ensure your horse gets the supplementation it needs for its health and well-being without any risk of breaching regulations.

Once you receive your Custom Formula, you feed your horse according to special administration instructions provided.  This will help your horse address their deficiencies and bring their body back to homeostasis.  Homeostasis is achieved by targeting the high and low numbers on the CBC and Chemistry panel. Extra herbs, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins are added to help bring the numbers back to the centre.

The process is simple

  1. Request your vet to take bloods (a CBC and Full Chemistry Panel is required).
  2. Once bloods have been taken, ask your vet for a copy of them to be sent to you by email.
    (We do accept blood work results taken within the last 6 months, simply ask your vet for a copy of the report).
  3. Visit our shopping cart and select Blood Review Service, attach the report, include a brief history about your horse, including what you feed, what you want their supplement to target and any issues your horse has been having and checkout.
  4. Our expert team will review the report and customise a formula tailored to your horse’s unique nutritional needs.
  5. We will then advise you of the cost (minus the original Blood Review cost) and you then decide if you wish to proceed with your Custom Blend.


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