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Calmer Testimonials



  • I would just like to let you know how amazingly effective your Calming Cookies are.

    We have a highly strung (but lovely!) 16hh warmblood who becomes fairly unmanageable at events.  His dressage is lovely at home, but he switches off at competitions and refuses to listen, resulting in shockingly high scores.

    I’ve always been very dubious about calmers, but a friend gave me some Calming Cookies to try.  The results were quite amazing.  For the first time ever we were able to put studs in his feet when we arrived at a ODE.  He had travelled better and did not sweat up on the way there, and he achieved a very respectable dressage score.

    He really was a different horse, so much easier to handle and much more relaxed and calm.

    Many thanks for a great product!


    Jan Massey
  • Had two really good beneficial lessons with Jo Bates last weekend. I say beneficial as this could only have been made possible by the support of Debroah and her team.
    Firstly because my sensitive chap has been on the stomach maintenance now for almost two years which has made a huge difference to his stress levels (to say a liability in the show ring would be understated). He is now so much more rideable.
    Secondly, a few months ago I nearly lost him in an accident in the field when he got himself caught in the electric fence cable (mains electric). The power eventually put him down and he was left with quite a severe burn across the front of his hock. The wound wasn’t very encouraging and looked as if it would be left with scarring or at the very best white hair growth.
    Again Debroah came to the rescue with Nutra Wound. Gerry found it very palatable and within a week the wound was practically healing before my eyes!! The wound has completely healed and I now getting re growth of hair and am guess what……… is not WHITE!!!!
    Lastly back to my lessons. One calm cookie (Gerry thinks it a treat) and at the end of the session I was told my horse was “not a S….but was top class, outstanding” Thank you for helping me get this far, keeping my chap on the road, and for the constant support and advice

    Cheryl Bunton
  • I wanted to share these with you. Your cookies really are fantastic, without them my gorgeous girl would be still up for sale, due to the accident you can see from the photos I never believed I would get back on her as she’s always on edge and spooky, and my legs now aren’t the same. The photo of me riding her was today, for the last few months I’ve had a young lady ride her and when it came to puddles she would spin, today we walked along a stream, passed a train, a man using chain saw and another guy using a jet washing, she was a dream. I’ve recommended your cookies in my fb to several of my friends, I hope you continue making fantastic products. Thankyou from me and connie ????”




    Kirsty McPherson
  • Mel & Pauline’s long Journey


    My horse Mel never really showed any common signs of ulcers and she was always a pleasure to handle and ride. The first and only sign was when she did a rodeo display on two separate occasions in her stable after her saddle had been put on (both episodes were weeks apart). She seemed sore between her front legs, so I got the physio out. Mel nearly killed him and that was when we realised something was very wrong (she’d seen the same physio twice previously and he always described her as his favourite TB).

    Mel was scoped and diagnosed with Grade 2 & 3 ulcers in October 2015 and put on a course of GastroGuard. All was going well until she was weaned off of it and then they came back again. The vet prescribed another course of GastroGuard, to which the same thing happened again. We were now well into the winter months and she was being scoped approx. every 4 weeks. This started to take its toll on her weight and my vet advised to give Equine Science GastroPlus a go.
    I contacted Equine Science in February 16 (after another scoping – see picture). They were extremely helpful and we started Mel on the recommended dose of GastroPlus. She started to eat more in her stable and seemed quite content. We had made as many dietary changes as we could back in October, so there was nothing else we could do for her in terms of feeding high fibre etc. I carried on with the GastroPlus for a month and then changed onto the Stomach Function Maintenance with Extra Calmer (we choose the Extra Calmer option as although she doesn’t come across as a stressed horse she can be quite a worrier inside, goes very quiet and stops eating).

    Mel seemed pretty settled on the Stomach Function Maintenance but we decided long term that moving yards would also benefit her, so in May 16 we moved to a new yard. I gave her a double dose for a few days before and then for 2 weeks after we moved. To me this would be a stressful period for her so we gave her many weeks out at grass at the new yard and was then re-scoped July 16. The ulcers had not got worse but were still slightly apparent, so she spent all summer at grass 24/7 and in light work. We scoped again in October 16 to check the status before she came in overnight for the winter and they had improved in a few more places). We scoped again in January 17 and although I was expecting the worst (after being stabled overnight), much to my surprise there was a big improvement (see pictures).

    I’m totally amazed by how they have repaired themselves by having a more natural diet and support from the Stomach Function Maintenance Supplement. It has been a very long process and I do believe that perseverance is the key.

    We now look forward to getting back to competing in the summer and hopefully we can pick up where we left off and do our 1st affiliated Novice dressage test.




    Pauline & Mel
  • About 8 weeks ago I decided to treat my horse for gastric ulcers. I looked at what was available on the market and decided to speak to the people at equine science,after a very helpful conversation gastro plus it was. Almost instantly his attitude changed he became calm and easier to handle and ride. We then took him training and decided to give him a calming cookie which also worked and we were all delighted with the improvements in his attitude and jump. He is now on the gastro maintenance and joint supplement and a calming cookie before competition.
    So impressed with these products I am now going to treat another horse.

  • “We have been using the calmer maintenance powder for our horse has she had compact colic just over a year ago. This was been used by the previous owner and we have kept Jazz on this. It works great as she stays calm which helps with her gut and fingers crossed this is helping her in the long term to reduce the chance of colic.
    My daughter did a sponsored ride as well a an endurance course and now 3 charity shows and she remains calm as we add the powder in her morning feed when we know we are going out an about. (See below for the time she was a bit out of sorts)
    The real test – I bought 5 cookies with calmer in them. The other day my daughter changed the feed slightly for Jazz and she went very fizzy and would not settle as much. The following day we where at a show so I took the cookies with us. We gave her half after we got there before her first show and then a full cookie later in the day. (don’t think she’s keen on the texture or taste when we first gave her the half so the next time when we gave her the full one we did this in bits with a few teats and she took this okay) By the end of the day she was back to her calm self and came reserve winner in the championship for in hand”

    Nicola Harper
  • Bert (14yo 17h 1″ thoroughbred x ISH ex. event horse) was a little too fit for the start of the hunting season, he was rushing gateways and charging after any horse that galloped away from him and at times not ‘listening’ to aides. I didn’t like this as I felt I was having to hold him by the bit too much, something I hate doing and he obviously doesn’t enjoy.
    I have used Calming Cookies for the last three meets and found him more controllable and listening much more, this has allowed me to interfere much less and we are both happier about that.
    So, it looks like the cookies have had the desired affect. My wife is now trying them with her excitable hunter and early results look encouraging….

    Tim Case
  • Calming Cookies were our saviour when we started showing our ex racehorse in RoR classes. He was wild the first time and when we get asked people what calmers they used Calming Cookies was the unanimous answer!! Have been recommending them ever since!

    Alison Jenden
  • My spooky boy loved the cookies ???? absolutely deloghted to have found Gastroplus for my mare, she is a million times better then i ever imagined she could be and now i’m testing it on my boy

    Chloé Horobin
  • I felt compelled to write this testimonial after the 3 years’ of first class results my horses and myself as a consequences have received from using Equinescience products.

    Debbie Gibson and Zoe Wood have been outstanding in the care, support and unrivalled experience they have brought with them in delivering everything their equine and human customer needs.

    I began as a single horse owner taking part in general competition. I now run a private competition/livery yard of 30 horses and have a small breeding programme at home.   Equinescience have looked after all of my horses’ needs from day one. They have seen them through from grass roots to International competition.

    What I find refreshing in this day and age is the attention to detail and true diligent customer service that Equinescience provide

    Equinescience has a wealth of knowledge. They are always approachable and incredibly helpful when it comes to a practical and economic way to proceed with treatment needed to keep horses in tip top condition. Equinescience never compromise on quality. The welfare of the horse is paramount.

    I would never hesitate to recommend the services Equinescience provide. The whole of their team are true professionals.  Nothing is too much trouble and they will give real peace of mind to any horse owner.

    GW Equine Limited

    Gayle White BHSI