Another Happy Customer

We receive this lovely testimonial on our website in Ruths own words…

“Gastroplus saved my horses life!!!!!!!! after months of gastroguard, antespin and antibiotics my poor horse was still very sick with ulcers, she had colic every night and was too ill to ride, plus became dangerous to ride, the only choice I had was to PTS. Thank you so much to the kind lady from the Horse and Hound who highly recommending gastroplus, that I decided to gave it a try, after 1 week no colic after 2 months back into work and we have never looked back!!! We have now gone 18 months ulcer free, competing and winning. I have my angel of my horse back and I cant thank you all enough for saving not only my horses life but all the heartache I went threw, I just wish people knew about this amazing stuff it would save so many horses lives and stop them suffering. IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!”

Ruth Prest & Elle 2


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