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About Equine Science









Our Story

Equine Science Ltd was established in 2007 by Deborah Gibbins.


Deborah has bred and owned several race horses, one of which had been diagnosed with gastric issues and treated on and off for 3 years with veterinary products.  However, every time the leading veterinary product was withdrawn, the gastric problems returned.  One of the horses bled out so badly during a race, he pulled up suddenly and they thought he’d broken his leg.  After a month off, the horse was still suffering even in trot, so they decided to retire him.


Deborah then heard about a nutraceutical company based in the USA that provided natural, powerful Nitric Oxide based formulas and decided to try them on both horses as a last resort.  She started using Gastro PRO™ for the horse with gastric issues and within several days became calmer, started eating normally, gained weight, put condition on, and soon his performances began producing results.  Pulmon PRO™ was used on the second horse and they decided to run him again once he had recovered.  After a few outings he was back on form and went on to win three races in a row!


The changes were so obvious that Deborah began to understand the power of Nitric Oxide and what issues it could help with here in the UK.


We have now been established for 11 years and are a small team that is passionate about providing solutions for pleasure to elite competition horses using our wide range of products.


In 2018 Equine Science made the decision to expand our range of products to give our customers more choice to meet their everyday requirements.