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About Equine Science

About Equine Science






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Our Story

Equine Science Ltd started in 2007 by Deborah Gibbins as a direct result of trying a few imported products from the USA.   She owned a few racehorses, one had been diagnosed with gastric issues and treated on and off for 3 years.  However, every time the leading veterinary product was withdrawn, the gastric problems returned.  The other bled out so badly during a race they thought he’d broken his leg as he pulled up so suddenly.  After a month off, the horse was still suffering even in trot, so they decided to retire him.

Deborah had heard about the products and decided to try them on both horses.  She started using Gastro PRO™ for the horse with gastric issues and within a few days became calmer, started eating normally, gained weight, put condition on, and soon his performances began producing results.  Pulmon PRO™ was used on the second horse and they decided to run him again once he had recovered.  After a few outings was back on form and went on to win three races on the bounce!

The changes were so obvious that Deborah began to understand the power of Nitric Oxide and what issues it could help with here in the UK.

Our Products

Equine Science Ltd provides a cutting edge range of natural, nutritional and powerful Nitric Oxide based equine formulas for health, maintenance, performance and recovery.

We have been formulating for the equine industry for over 20 years!  Our formulas are created from Nobel Prize Winning Science utilising Nitric Oxide and we specialise in customised (using Histology reports) and complete formulas using Nitric Oxide Pathway technology, which is what separates us from all other products and is the new gold standard for providing optimum health.

Nitric Oxide is an extremely effective and important molecule that our body produces to help its 50 trillion cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body.

It is used by the body for everything from blood flow to muscle building and can be essential in large amounts to maintain good health.

There are proven benefits for organs and tissues that may come under pressure when put in demand.  Whether your horse is in active training, regularly competing or just used for pleasure, there are always triggers that put the body under duress.

Our products are designed to efficiently and safely promote Nitric Oxide production for up to 9 hours via Nitric Oxide precursors (Arginine and other co-factors) which are necessary for the body to synthesise Nitric Oxide and proven to enhance optimum athletic performance and health.

The ingredients are sourced from UFAS & NOPS Aware/Accredited suppliers which means, we can ensure the highest quality.  They contain no added fillers, sugars, chemical drugs or known prohibited substances as defined by the FEI.

Many years of study on the uses of herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids has meant the product range can help your equine maintain a healthier state.  Nearly all fundamental basic health problems which arise can be covered by what has been formulated in the range.

Our mission is to provide your horse with the best product possible to improve their well-being, while bringing them back to homeostasis (internal system maintains stability while adjusting to conditions).

Our priority is you and your horse’s health.  Every horse is different so we take the time to listen to your needs or concerns so that we are able to advise which product(s) would suit your horse best.

We are confident you will see results and will enjoy hearing how your horse progresses.

About the scientist who formulates the products

Bob attended school in Rhode Island until graduating from LaSalle Academy in 1967, after which he attended college in Boston, Massachusetts.

After college, he was National Manager for the US division of an International company, which lead him to move to California and continue his interest in the science of nutrition.  He enrolled in a Naturopathic college and received a certification in Nutritional Science in 1991.

In 1995 he took on the role of Medical Director working for an alternative medicine company called the Golden Triangle Holistic Group.  He began developing blood flow products for diabetics and cardiac patients.  It was in the course of this work that Bob developed his Neurotransmitter Production Support (NPS) delivery system.  With this new technology he was able to formulate effective products that would synergistically blend to provide the maximum benefit for users.

When the clinic was later sold, Bob set up his own business where he could incorporate his many years of studying the uses of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to achieve optimal peak performance for the body.  Bob continues to formulate successful formulas using his N.P.S. Delivery System which was based on the Nobel Prize winning science of Nitric Oxide production.