A Wonderful GastroPlus Story…

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Thankyou Anastasia for your wonderful GastroPlus Testimonial and Pictures…

“Sorry for long post. I am not a seller or promoter for a supplement. I thought it might be useful for people who are in same position as I was two weeks ago – feeling hopeless and tired of constantly being worried about your horse.
#GASTROPLUS is a lifesaver for both of us.
Prior to Gastro Plus
Horse : 17hh , Belgium warmblood, 12yo, showjumper. Trained 5-6 days per week. Turnout during winter depends on weather (usually 2-3 days per week. If weather is really bad he just goes on sand paddock)
History : diagnosed with mild grade 1 and 2 ulcers last summer. Treated with peptizole. Signs returned at end of January.
Signs : tucked around flanks area. Abdominal muscles constantly looked tensed. Sensitive to brush, touch, rug. Bloating while trying to fasten girth. Droppings were soft and had strong acidic smell.
After trying numerous supplements and products, having sleepless nights trying to figure out how to help my boy I have decided to invest in Gastro Plus.
Day 1
I gave first slot of loading doses in his dinner and night feeds. Considering how fussy my horse is I was concerned that he might refuse to eat it. Nevertheless after 15 mins of happy munching feed buckets were clean.
I didn’t expect to see much difference next morning as it usually takes some time for supplements to start working. I could not believe my eyes the difference I’ve seen just in 24 hrs! Abdominal muscles looked relaxed and tuckness reduced dramatically. Droppings smell was much less strong. I wanted to cry of happiness.
Day 2
Happy horse – happy owner! Morning buckets leaked clean (before he would usually leave half of his breakfast). Droppings became much firmer and bed cleaner. I have noticed that hay consumption increased as well.
Day 3
Training day. First day in many months when he did not bother about me grooming his tummy and flanks area. The most reaction he expressed is a slight tail swish when I was using sweat scraper on his right side. He also did not bother about my doing girth up.
Day 4
Who knew he can move like that?!!! ???? Usually it would take me about 15-20 mins to make him relaxed and supple, however after starting to use Gastro Plus he was “with me” in first 5 mins of trot! Much more relaxed throughout entire body, rib cage, back. Happy to bring hind legs right under the belly. Cheeky boy kept pushing for extended trot as if to say “I feel good! I want to do it now!” . I rode for 25 mins and called it a day. After training his abdominal muscles were still nice and relaxed, no tuckness around flanks.
Day 5-7
What a remarkable difference Gastro Plus made for Baz. It’s truly a life changing supplement for both of us! He is so much happier now! Sensitivity while being groomed has gone and droppings are the healthiest I’ve seen since owning him. Gastro Plus is the best investment I’ve made and if I have to sell my kidney on black market to buy some more, please tell me Website where I can do it :)))
I must highlight that Deborah Gibbins has been very supportive from very beginning, answering all of my questions even at weekend. Very honest helpful lady who is truly interested to help her customers. Thank you so much for everything!!! Baz and Anastasia”


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