A Wonderful Equine Science Story

I use a variety of Equine Science’s products for the horses; muscle mass, calming cookies, Gastro Plus and Tissue Support. I would recommend these products to anyone any day of the week. The product works and most importantly the horses benefit. Whether it be mentally and or physically, the happiness of my horses is paramount and these products help achieve that happiness.
Some of the ex racers who are prone, or are known to have had ulcers are on the GastroPlus. I have seen massive changes in the horses that have gone onto this product. Happier behaviour, less grumpy to being girthed, more abdicable to ride and condition piling onto them.
I have used the muscle mass on the TB’s that require more condition and top line. The product gives them a helping hand and you can instantly see results in all of the horses. One of the horses based with me; Ruby Rose II, who is a Grade II para horse, arrived in a weak muscular state. With Rosie being weaker behind the saddle and through her loins it mean that she was becoming wobbly with her para rider on board. Rosie was put onto the muscle mass and within two weeks you could already see the results. A stronger Rosie and therefore a straighter Rosie. The muscle mass helps aid the ex racers in their re training irk and its helps build the muscle required to balance themselves when on the flay. The ex racers are so used to running and being a ‘whole horse’ it can be difficult when they have to start using muscles they don’t have. To avoid any training problems, or mis understandings I have to try and help the horses build muscle without them becoming stiff or sore. Muscle Mass has greatly helped this process and it stops and trouble areas in the re training process.
The Calming cookies are a must for every stable. These cookies have saved me goodness knows how many times. In a competition situation they do not alter the horses energy levels, they do not become lethargic, they become focused and relaxed in a somewhat tense and different situation. The cookies do not have to be used all of the time. For having used them a couple of times the horse begins to learn that they do no need to become stressed and it can be a relaxing and performing time. I use these cookies on a day to day basis. I have horses come in for training periods with various problems. Some have loading, hacking, mounting or general training problems. To prevent the stress levels rising and the adrenalin kick in, the calming cookies allow the horse to relax and not become upset about something which has previously stressed them. I have had un rideable horses at competitions now go and win just from using the cookies.
All of Equine Science’s products are made with the horse in mind and at the foremost. Even my fussy eaters eat their products and its a really easy feeding system and doesn’t require lots of if/buts to it.
A truly brilliant product that every horsey person/stable should have!



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