Sapphire’s Story


Today we heard form a very happy customer Christine who sent us this great update on her horse Sapphire….

“Just thought I would up date you with Sapphire’s background and her progress using equine Science supplements.

During the year of 2010 other horses got into Sapphire’s paddock not sure what happened but Sapphire ended up with a swollen eye, I called my vet. Not long after that her eye was swollen again and she was diagnosed with uveitis in her wall eye, she has had steroids (pred forte), atropine, maxitrol, cyclosporine, Bute daily and many other treatments and visits to the vets. when I think back the only time Sapphire has been in the trailer was to travel to the Vets.

When she has a flair up Sapphire eye changes from a beautiful blue to grey, yellowish Brown, green then would loose pressure sometime the eye would look like it has sunk right back in the socket. Eventually Sapphire lost sight in her right eye with in the last couple of years. I have worked hard with Sapphire to get used to me approaching her, lunging her on her blind side which took a long time but I did get there. I have also got her used to traffic approaching and coming up behind her whilst out riding, then we would get another flair up and all the work would stop yet again, then I had to start from scratch again when the eye settles down. This battle has been going on for years. At one point the eye was so sunk that she went to the vet surgery to be assessed to look at removing the eye, but it was found she was not in pain and that she was responding to medication well. The eye pressure came back and it changed again into the lovely blue colour.

2015 has been a difficult year with Sapphire her behaviour was really bad, charging at people, rearing, rearing when being shod, not wanting to go into her stable when eventually I would get her in the stable but she would not settle rearing and sweating pawing at the ground. I really was thinking that this horse has become totally uncontrollable or thought she was in pain. After discussing the behaviour with a vet it was thought that it was her hormones in balance, I had already tried many calmers and supplements nothing worked. The whole situation became so upsetting and I felt totally useless as I love this horse so much.

After discussing the problems with you Debbi and took your advised of gastro plus within days Sapphire is a different horse so calm goes into her stable no problem has not reared, she is good with the farrier and does not charge at me when she is in the paddock. The poor horse must have had ulcers! as you thought.

We also discussed Sapphires on going uveitis issues and I promised I would send you photos in stages so far. When I received the uveitis supplement I stopped giving her pred forte (steroid) eye drops. I had already stopped giving her the Bute when I received the gastro plus.

Sapphire is still calm and I have taken photos of her eye. I will continue to take photos for the next month so you can see the changes hopefully this will help with your research and other horses. Please note there is no swelling or inflammation of the white part of the eye or under the eye lids and there are no tears or rubbing to indicate any pain. Usually this time of year she ends up staying with the vet for hourly treatment.

I have been trying to attach my photos to this email, I am not very good with photos I will try and send them on separate emails in date order.

let me know if you would like more info

thanks you so much keep fingers crossed !!”

Here are some pictures of Sapphire….


Meet Sapphire 15.1hh Appaloosa, aged 9


This picture was taken 13.12.2015 note the eye is yellow and loosing



This picture was taken 12.1.2015 note the white of the eye has no redness or pinkness the cataract that you can see in the pupil in the previous picture has nearly gone just appears as a dote the eye is a grey slight yellow colour.


15.1.2015 eye colour much lighter you can see more white some pressure coming back.



18.1.2015 nearly blue and no medication! other than uveitis supplement. you can see a red dot in the eye which has always been there but now looks more “watered down” like it is dispersing.

We love to hear your success stories and it is great to be able to share them, many Thanks Christine!


For more information on Equine Uveitis CLICK HERE


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