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Equine Products

Our product names have changed!

Category Old Product Name New Product Name
Blood Flow & Recovery ElectrolytePlus Electro PRO™
Blood Flow & Recovery Inflammation Support Bute-EZ™
Blood Flow & Recovery NitrOxide Nitrox PRO™
Calming & Focus Calming Cookies Calmer Bites™
Calming & Focus Calming Powder Calmer PRO™
Digestive Health GastroPlus Gastro PRO™
Digestive Health GastroPlus Extend Gastro PRO Extend™
Digestive Health SFM Extra Calmer SFM PRO – Extra Calmer™
Digestive Health SFM Joint & Calmer SFM PRO – Joint & Calmer™
Digestive Health SFM Joint & Hoof SFM PRO – Joint & Hoof™
Digestive Health SFM Joint Support SFM PRO – Joint Support™
Digestive Health SFM Laminitis SFM PRO – Blood Flow™
Digestive Health SFM Regular SFM PRO™
Eye Health Uveitis UVE PRO™
General Health Performance Perform PRO™
Hoof Health Hoof Growth Hoof Growth™
Hormone Support Hormone Disorder Hormone Balance™
Hormone Support Moody Mare Moody Mare™
Immune Health ImmunoPlus Immuno PRO™
Joint, Ligament & Soft Tissue Health FlamOxide Flamox PRO™
Joint, Ligament & Soft Tissue Health JointPlus with Soft Tissue Support JointPlus PRO™
Joint, Ligament & Soft Tissue Health NutraWound Nutra PRO™
Muscle Support Muscle Mass Muscle Balance™
Muscle Support Tying Up Muscle-EZ™
Respiratory Health Pulmon-EZ Pulmon PRO™
Respiratory Health Pulmon-EZ Plus Pulmon PLUS™