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  • Muscle Mass – Debbie Harris, August 2012 After his first race back since a years lay off through injury in early April this year, Sedgwick looked like his racing career might be over. The vet looked at him and said the outlook didn’t look to good and any treatments would be expensive. I had seen the advert for Nutrawound after using the Muscle Mass on another horse and thought it was worth putting ‘Sedgy’ on it even if he couldn’t run again. On May 19th he won at Doncaster and has again since won in August at Kempton. He is 10 years young and still loves his work, racing and galloping around the field. I would recommend the Equine Science products.

  • 14206223_10155130857128098_7900831815211939200_o   Anyone thinking of trying the Gastroplus I cannot recommend enough, our test this weekend he scored 69.78% but it was the fact that we didn't get a single needs to be more forward from the leg comment that has made my day, he is so much happier in his work and I tried EVERYTHING!!! Before Gastroplus. ????????
    Claire Bolton
  • Calming cookies are our favourite! Used every time for one of our event horses, and definitely helps him focus on his jockey rather than his own agenda!
    Deborah Leabeater
  • I have had exceptional results from gastro plus and now the stomach maintenance formula, for my mare who had severe ulcers. We are now back out competing Medium level dressage and hoping to do our Adv-Medium debut shortly! I would highly recommend EquineSciene to all - I have received fantastic support and advice both pre and post-sales. Thanks very much!
    Tanya Knight
  • A Wonderful Noodle update......"This is the most recent photo taken just a few weeks ago. His training is progressing by the week! He is so much happier....couldn't manage without your wonderful Stomach Function Maintenance product....thank you so much! Apologies for no hat !!?!! All the best Sharon and Noodle xxx" IMAG0584
  • "Bannockburn boy would never have achieved second at the RoR finals without his stomach maintenance" Caroline Hytch 12038227_811536132301421_1519385954397585403_n    
  • "Ed" is an 18 year old TB, who had been previously scoped with grade 4 ulcers and treated with GastroGuard. However once off the GastroGuard, Ed started to lose condition in his coat, became girthy again and lost his appetite. He started on the GastroPlus a few weeks ago and has already put weight as his appetite has increased and he is happier in himself and is now being brought slowly back into work."   Sophie Bennett - After Sophie Bennett - Before  
    Sophie B
  • "So impressed with the gastroplus nearly gave up as horse kept bucking me off in discomfort never knew it was his stomach thought was naughtiness or he was cold backed as we were told that he was closed backed now the colded backness has gone and now he is nearly on full work so happy !! Thanks to Equinescience" Fran Mulliss-Mangan
  • Lyn Stokes , Sutton Coldfield, UK “I would like to let you know what great results we have had with using Calmer. I have a horse that is a little highly strung and has always been a bad traveller, scrapping, bouncing about and always very sweaty on arrival at the show. We recently go held up on the motorway and after an hour he completely lost the plot and went down in the trailer. After this he would load but went into melt down if we tried to shut the trailer up and would barge his way out. We tried Calmer for a couple of days, to get the serving right, and although he was his bright, stable door kicking self, when we loaded him on the trailer, he stood, allowed us to close the partition and the ramp and drive him around the block, without him scraping or jumping about!. I have to admit to being a little sceptical before I used it as he was so bad at travelling, but I was amazed at the result, and will carry on using it until he is happy to travel without it. I would also like to thank Debi fr her friendly help and advice. I would recommend anyone who has a nervous horse to give this product a try, it worked for my horse and could make all the difference to your horse. As an added bounce he loved the flavour of the biscuits and eat them happily out of my hand. Thank you Equine Science.

  • Sue Derby (Assistant Racing Trainer) -  My horse had high grade reading and was not aware of this as he looked so well, but his behaviour and performance changed,  so when he was scoped I couldn’t believe how bad the ulcers were! My vet, knowing that I wasn’t insured,  knew that I wanted to find an alternative, less expensive product, so I tried Gastro Plus from Equine Science. What I liked about this product was that it was totally nutritious and that the body would heal itself and also I liked the price! Well my horse responded to the Gastro Plus the very next day, he was calmer, well behaved and focused on what was asked of him. We scooped him again after the 5 wks and the ulcers had gone!!  Recommend the Gastro Plus to anyone, it’s a miracle worker.